Thursday, November 21, 2013

A quick note from The Penguin...

"Gotham will be MINE!!!!!!!!! Batkid will NEVER CATCH ME!!!!!!" Boy, was I wrong :)
Last Friday was one of the most beautiful and amazing days of my life. I played The Penguin in the SFBatKid Make-A-Wish event and it was truly an epic day. That look of sheer determination in Miles' eyes was enough to melt hearts around the world. But more on that soon.

I'm just now coming up for air after an incredibly busy few days back at work and doing lots of interviews, especially for Canadian media (being a Canadian from arguably the middle of nowhere, it was always fun hearing about something cool happening when a fellow Canadian was involved). :)

I'll post another "Summary" post soon about my thoughts on the event and how it felt to be a part of it all. More soon. I'll probably write that on the weekend once I've had a few more hrs of sleep. :)

Till then, "wahh wah wahhh!".

--The Penguin, aka, Me.


  1. You were great, really! Also the Riddler was great, but I cannot seem to find any info about who was the person who played him :)

  2. Yes, he was rather... enigmatic.