Saturday, April 30, 2005

Panorama pics from Yosemite

I just figured out how to make images into Panoramic images. Here are a few samples from the trip to Yosemite that Kristen and I just got back from.

Panorama from Clark Point

Near Mirror Lake

View of the city

Buying stuff and movies tonight

Today was a bit of a slower day which was nice because Kristen and I have been rushing around a lot and haven't had much time to relax. We got a chance to see the Powell St. Plaza and it is pretty cool, there is a store called Ross which is pretty much like Winners but it has a lot of good deals. I got some new sandals which are sweet and were only $12. We went to Circuit City and it was super awesome too. We had lunch at the Emeryville Public Market which was really awesome and then we picked up some more groceries, did all the laundry here and then went to buy stuff at the Bay St. Mall and we went to the AMC theatre to see a movie. Good times!!!!!!! Tomorrow is our last major day for Kristen and I to hang out around the city so we are going to go back into San Francisco. We were going to go to Muir Woods but since we have already been to Yosemite, we figure that maybe we should see more of San Francisco tomorrow! We want to go back to the chinese restuarant we went to last time because it was SO good.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Pixar and Berkeley

Today we went to Pixar to visit and it was really reaaaaaaaaallllllllllly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are some cool pics from the visit here. After going to Pixar, Kristen and I took the free Emery Go-Round bus to the MacArthur BART station again and then went on an adventure to Berkeley. We got my Social Security Number but also along with that we went to the Berkeley North Face Outlet and it was AWESOME. I got a new windstopper fleece lined jacket with waterproof zippers and tons of other cool stuff. It looks really awesome and I wore it home because it is very fitting to the weather over here. Awesome day!!!!!!!!!!

Pixar Sign

Me in the Pixar Atrium!!

Sweeeeeeet "The Incredibles" characters


Front Desk Area, wow it was awesome!!

Kristen with Mike and Sulley

Me with Mike and Sulley

Kristen in Berkeley

A cute cat we found

Yosemite National Park

Kristen and I just got back from our 3 day trip to Yosemite National Park. It was reallllllllllly awesome and we had a really great time. We didn't see any bears, though we heard that one of our neighbours left food in their truck and a bear visited their site and opened the truck and tried to get at the food! It was a great trip and we did lots of exciting stuff, we visited Mirror Lake, hiked the John Muir trail up to Nevada Falls, back down to Vernal Falls and then hiked back on the Mist trail. It was a great trip and lots of good photos here!!

Amtrak arriving at Emeryville

Mmm... Coffee and Hot Chocolate...

Our campsite neighbours

Trees in Yosemite

Beautiful Mirror Lake

Kristen and I just starting our 8 hour hike

Along the way on the John Muir trail

Taking a break from the long walk!

Finally, after 5 hours, at the top of Nevada Falls!

Kristen near the top of Nevada Falls

Huge mountains

Vernal Falls

Vernal Falls from the Mist Trail


The Mist Trail, scary to walk on the rocks!

Camp Curry sign

First day in San Francisco

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while so here we go! On Sunday last week, Kristen and I went to San Francisco and it was super awesome. We went to a really good Chinese Restaurant and also go to see tons of awesome views of the Bay and we checked out the Fisherman's Wharf too, it rocked.

Kristen in San Francisco

Sweet! Gotta get some Emo shirts at the Paul Frank store!

San Francisco China Town

Awesome restaurant that was recommended to us by a local

Famous City Lights bookstore in North Beach, hangout for Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg

View from North Beach

Me on a really steep hill

Me and Kristen

Lombard St "The Crookedest Street in the World"

Haha Matt Lausch this one is for you!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

California, here we are!

Here I am in California, wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've just created this blog so I can put some photos and info from my trip here for anyone who is interested! I just arrived in California on Friday evening and I've taken care of a bazillion things already. Here are some highlights!

  • Got a bank account at Wells Fargo, swwweet. Got cheques too (except they call them "Checks" here!) haha.
  • My girlfriend Kristen came with me for the first week so we are travelling around together, and we got $150 US of groceries yesterday, it was nuts! I went to the Emeryville Pack and Save and it was a pretty decent place to shop, very close to work too so that is good.
  • We went to the IHOP yesterday cause I was so excited that there was an IHOP and I wanted to get some pancakes in before Pesach started (last night)
  • We took the Emery Go Round which is this free bus service here in Emeryville, it is really awesome and picked us up from the grocery store with out 10 bags of groceries and dropped us directly in front of my apartment building!
  • The EmeryBay Apartment is a palace, it came with a little gift basket on the table with a few cookies and stuff in it, nice touch.
  • Kristen and I are going to Yosemite National Park next week, so we got our tickets at the Amtrak Station which is about a 5 min walk from my apartment.
  • We went on a wild adventure walk last night, off through what I thought was northern Emeryville, and then I thought it was south Berkeley, I think it turned out to be a part of Oakland but it was ok, very industrial though and it looked like quite a poor area. Nice to see though that there was a park with a lot of homeless people and the city of Berkeley or some organization had put out lots of food for all the hungry people there, that was nice to see.
  • The wild adventure walk took us to Haste St in Berkeley where Kristen and I went to the Berkeley Chabad to go to the first Seder for Pesach, it was pretty awesome and the Rabbi was nuts. It was a good time and as expected it was really crazy. There was some tradition where you had to eat a Shmurah Matzah with no water in less that 9 minutes or something like that, it was hard but we finally managed to do it! It was really nice to go and the food was just amazing.
  • Today I am buying Dave Matthews Band tickets for later this term.
  • This afternoon, Kristen and I are going to go to San Francisco I think, and check out some of the awesome sights and beaches there.
  • Check out all the pics below and I will post more as I take more.
Mike :)

Photos #2

Palm Trees


Photos #1

Swimming Pool at EmeryBay Apartments

Hehe, new bathroom towels

A cat we found here

Kristen and another cat we found walking around

Sweet... palm trees!

Kristen and I

Photos from my trip

Hi all, I will be posting a bunch of photos from my trip on this blog... enjoy!

Mike :)

Airplane photo

Mountains from Airplane

First Posting!


I am in California! Just a quick post to make sure this is working. Keep checkin' this blog for details and pics from my California trip. :)

Mike :)