Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some recent iMenorah Buzz!!

It's almost Chanukah again and you know what that means... time for lots more exciting buzz and articles in awesome newspapers about iMenorah!! It's so exciting to see all this buzz about our hard work, and we're hoping to make an even bigger donation this year after the sales come in. Hooray!

Here is some of the recent buzz. VERY exciting!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Review: Half Nelson

Ryan Gosling was incredible in this role but I found myself wanting to know more about his character's motivations. I thought I was going to LOVE this movie, and I finished it just sortof liking it. Ryan Gosling really carried the role amazingly well and his acting really improved the character (who I think would have benefited from some further dialog explaining his conflicts and perhaps his true feelings about his addiction and intentions to solve it). The ending is hopeful but really open-ended. After that much build-up I think it would have been more satisfying to see a real change in his character's mentality.

I was expecting a lot more growth from his character - the really sharp moment when Drey finds him in the hotel room was really rock-bottom for him - I was really hoping for his character to vocalize his embarrassment and shame, and to make a clear swing towards improvement. It kinda felt like Drey was doing all the work for him, and we get to the last scene where he shaves his scruffy beard and they tell a joke on the couch - I expected at least an apology from him or *something*. For so much hopeful build-up, I would have really expected his character to take a more concerted effort so as to not lose face in the eyes of his student. Rather, he still kept his complacent attitude all the way to the end of the film and it ended on a note that seemed hopeful, but didn't prove it to you.

Definitely an amazing acting job and some brilliant ideas in this movie, I just think Ryan Gosling really made the role, and the character could have been given a bit more intention and change in behaviour by the end of the film. If the intention is to show the benefit of the student-teaching-teacher relationship, I was wishing that the teacher showed that he truly learned something by the end of the film, and wasn't going to instantly fall into old habits in the next situation.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kinect for Xbox 360 - Kinectimals

Don't think I posted this already. How hilarious and brilliant. Kinect looks completely badass. A friend who's tried it out says pose recognition is pretty darn good. This is absurd that it's this awesome and they're selling Kinect for only like $150... insane. If the games hold up, this could be as revolutionary as the Wii...

Maru the cat

Just came across this HILARIOUS cat from Japan named Maru, he is awesome.
His owner writes this really funny blog about him: Soooooooooooo awesome!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Movie Review: Ghost World

Wow, this was great. Really found the "whateevver" Clueless-style 90's attitude both hilarious and tiring (as was the director's intention, I bet!).

What an interesting story on the need for friendship and support. I was surprised that they ...made the main character Jewish, but (given her reactions to a jock who hassles her about it several times throughout the movie), her religion is just another thing about her that makes her different and continue to feel further separated from the crowd. "Always somewhat of an outsider looking in on American culture", as Harry Shearer discussed in a stage show I saw of his at the JCCSF last year. Thought that was an interesting thread.

Interesting as well that she spoke out against Racism when everyone around her wanted to ignore it or pretend it wasn't there. This further separated her from her peers but it seems to be one of the only decisions that she is truly happy about, given that most of her other actions are morally questionable.

Conan O'Brien Presents: SHOW ZERO!

Can't wait to see Conan's new show!!!!!!!!!

It's 11:30, and I just turned off Leno on my TV and headed to my computer to watch this instead...

Let the new wave of late night triumphantly begin...