Friday, April 29, 2005

Pixar and Berkeley

Today we went to Pixar to visit and it was really reaaaaaaaaallllllllllly awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are some cool pics from the visit here. After going to Pixar, Kristen and I took the free Emery Go-Round bus to the MacArthur BART station again and then went on an adventure to Berkeley. We got my Social Security Number but also along with that we went to the Berkeley North Face Outlet and it was AWESOME. I got a new windstopper fleece lined jacket with waterproof zippers and tons of other cool stuff. It looks really awesome and I wore it home because it is very fitting to the weather over here. Awesome day!!!!!!!!!!

Pixar Sign

Me in the Pixar Atrium!!

Sweeeeeeet "The Incredibles" characters


Front Desk Area, wow it was awesome!!

Kristen with Mike and Sulley

Me with Mike and Sulley

Kristen in Berkeley

A cute cat we found

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