Friday, December 29, 2006

Party at Tim's place

Tonight was cool, partying with some friends from high school and elementary at Tim's house, then we went to a pub called Alex P. Keaton's which was pretty fun too.

Lots and lots of guitar jammin' tonight, a good remix of Bob Marley songs, lots of Ben Harper and Jack Johnson, some Chili Peppers, and a couple of Dave songs as required by me. I rocked out a DMB Crash Into Me on my own tonight while the boys chilled out and that was pretty rockin', I was getting into it pretty fierce as is necessary when singing/playing Dave songs!!

Me and Jess

Haha and now for an insane photo

Chillin' in Tim's kitchen

Ans rockin' and rollin'

Ans, Jen and Steve

Me and Jen, kinda serious, kinda smiley

Me and Jen with smileys

Ans and Jen

Me, Jen, Steve

Whatt uppp!!

Rockin' at the Bar

Alex at the Bar

Steve and Jen beerin' it

Nash rockin' on the guitar by the fire

Ans rockin' the Acoustic Bass by the fire

Me taking a break from guitar for a few minutes

Alex relaxing for a while

Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Pixar Pez Despensers

So today me and Ans went to Future Shop so Ans could get a new camera. Then we went to Toys R Us. This is always nuts cause I usually spend a bunch of money on whichever cool new Pixar toys have just come out that I don't have yet. Today I found out that the "Best of Pixar Pez Dispensers" had been released and were AWESOME. :) Yes, I bought them all.

Check this out. Pretty awesome, eh?!?!!!

Sweet new Pez Dispensers

Hangin' wuth Erin, Ans and Tim

Tonight was freakin' sweet. I went out for dinner with my old friend Erin who is awweessssooome, we got some sweeeeeeeet curry which rocked. Also the lights at Victoria Park in London look awesome and we got a chance to test out our new digital cameras with their extensive/fancy night photo options. :)

Later in the evening I went out with my buddy Ans to get some Tim Horton's Coffee (AWESOME) and then off to my buddy Tim's house in downtown London. We watched Cars which they hadn't seen yet and they totally loved it which was super cool. Ans gave me a really cool Chanukkah gift and I gave Tim a hilarious Steve Nash wrestling action figure complete with a folding chair!! Haha this is a long story but we used to play wrestling games on Nintendo 64 in high school and Tim was always Steve Nash (since he has the same last name) and we always thought the folding chair was a hilarious weapon to use in wrestling cause it was so insane. Anyway Tim loved the action figure. Good times and great to see these old friends that I hardly ever get to see. Aweeeeesssssssome!!!!!!!!

Erin at the awesome Curry place

Random looking off into the distance

Sweet lights around the table we were at

What up touristy picture outside of the restaurant

Haha I have no idea what we are doing in this photo

Sweet Image Stabilization for night photos on my new camera!!!!


Haha and now for a classy photo, good times

Victoria Park gates and Christmas Trees

Whaatttt uuuuuuuuupp!!!!

Timmy Nash!!!!!!!!

Ans with a book that Tim bought him

Hiiigghh Fiiiivvvvvvvee, you liike?!?!

"Now Jutan, you can eat anything in the kitchen, just don't touch the Oreo Ice Cream"... 5 minutes later... "Jutan!!!!!!!! You ate all the Oreo Ice Cream!!!" Today we made up for that legendary event by eating some Oreo Ice Cream!!

Walking in Springbank Park

A few days ago we took a nice walk in Springbank Park in London.

No snow yet even though it's the end of December, but it sure was chilly anyway!! Here's some pics of the trees and water there.


Canada is chilly at this time of year

Evergreen Trees

Monday, December 25, 2006

Photo Contest

My Visa agency is having a Photo Essay contest, and I am entering it with a set of 20 photographs that I've taken over my terms in California. I am just putting the final touches on it now, so I'll post the link here when it's all done. If I win, the prize is a $1,000 STA Travel Voucher!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!! This would be fantastic as I am planning my graduation trip to Europe in April or May 2007 and this would help a LOT with Air Fare and lots more. Amazing.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays from the dudes with the Holiday Sweaters

Just wanted to post a few hilarious photos of Kurt (aka Mr. Phelps) and I from the "Ugly Holiday Sweater Party" from a couple of weeks ago. Amazing.

"Well hello, kind sir!"

"We're sooooo Emo"

"Well YOUR Mom said >> enter inappropriate "your mom" joke here << last night!!"

Cuttin' it up at the Pixar Intern Party

I thought I'd post this pretty hilarious video of me cuttin' it up with Sarah and other related Pixar homeys at the Intern Party we had last week before we all went back home. This is hilarious. Sorry it's like 50 Mb, hopefully y'all have High Speed Internet at home. :) Watching this glorious randomness sure makes me miss these super awesome people...

If the above link doesn't work, please click here:

Saturday, December 23, 2006

New facelift for my Blog

Well with the New Year almost upon us I thought I'd pick a new template for my blog. If you love it, let me know. If you hate it, let me know. If you can't read the text on your computer because the colour saturation is too low... then please let me know!!

If you have no worries/concerns, or hardly even noticed the change... then we're good to go. Hope this is easier on your eyes and more awesome. Man this new Blogger is sweet.

Old Blog vs. New Blog

Rock on.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Canadian Animator Ryan Larkin's new work

Very interesting and exciting news. Canadian Animation legend Ryan Larkin, who made some amazing, groundbreaking animation in the 70's, has now returned back to the drawing board, as it were!! Very exciting. This is his first work in 30 years. He has been panhandling on the streets of Montreal and was the subject of "Ryan", the Canadian-made 3D Animated Documentary by Chris Landreth in 2004. Chris Landreth's film won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 2004.
Pretty cool and pretty amazing that Ryan Larkin is working on a new film as well. These articles are about some 5 second trailers he has animated for MTV Canada. Very cool.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Goodbye Wisdom Teeth

This morning I got 2 wisdom teeth out. A little sore for a bit but actually really smooth. As you can see I am still up at 1:53am, relaxed and no worries. It was pretty smooth actually, much better than the first time I got this done.

I am just chillin' a lot at home, pudding, apple sauce and yoghurt have been the main food today. Hoping to move to Bureks tomorrow (a kind of Bosnian rolled philo pastry with feta and spinach in it) and other slightly more solid things. Ate some soup and noodles tonight so that is good too.

So yes the next few days are just chillin', then we are going to do the usual Jewish thing on Christmas Day and probably go to a movie... mostly 'cause it's fun and nothing else is open. :)

Just wanted to quote my friend Ruth from Pixar here, she sent me a pretty hilarious quote about the Coffee we have at Pixar:
Word out, also, to the Peet's in the atrium, for helpfully simulating what it must feel like to be smacked upside the head with a coffee-flavored herring, wrapped around a large gold brick. Not gentle, but effective.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chanukkah 2006 in Canada

Well it's sure nice to be home to celebrate Chanukkah with the family this year!! Lots of good food so far and much more to come I bet!!

Mom in the kitchen with the cool light holder I bought her a few years ago

Dad preparing some scones that Mom made for breakfast

Tea and Cheesecake!!!

Getting ready to light the candles

Lighting the candles!

Mmm... cannelloni!!!!!!

Night number 5

Dinner tonight... Steak, Sweet Potato, Grilled Tomatoes, Carrots and Pineapple, maaaan this food rocks

Mom in her new Ratatouille toque

Mom and Thomas the cat