Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Facebookin' it, DVDs, Europe

You know when you really should just go to bed but you're spending like hours unnecessarily on Facebook sending random messages to people and answering old messages on Facebook and posting old photos up of you doing random stuff in high school?! Well that's what I've been doing for the past hour. Why?! I have no clue. I'm pretty tired and I should probably go to bed. But undoubtedly I am going to stay up for a bit longer and send some more random messages to random old friends I haven't talked to in a while. Good times. :)

Oh that reminds me. I gotta email those Waterloo kids at Google and invite them to come hang out in the East Bay this weekend. Not sure what reminded me of that, but ah ha, now I have something useful to do. Haha now I can stop sending Facebook messages and then blogging about how I am doing nothing but send Facebook messages tonight. :)

One more thing. The Cars DVD is awesome. Also I just bought Mr. Deeds (awesome movie, Dave Matthews song in it, probably Adam Sandler's best in my opinion) and, yes, wait for it, waaaiit for it... I bought The Notebook. Kurt and Alex made fun of me for like 3 hours but I haven't seen it, it was super cheap on Thanksgiving Day sales and the two main people in it, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are from... wait for it... LONDON ONTARIO!!!!!!! That is awesome. I probably saw them walking around downtown sometime, or maybe we were in an after-school baseball team together. That's insane. So cool that they are from London, that is sweet. Paul Haggis (director of Crash and writer of Million Dollar Baby) is from London too. Man you gotta love that awesome, awesome London, Ontario.

Just got another Facebook post from my friend Angie who is in New Zealand now. Sounds like she is having a good time. Maaaan New Zealand was awesome. I'd love to go there on my trip next summer but I think I'll stick to Europe, probably a little easier to handle on my own and also something I haven't done yet.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Photos posted

Hi all,

Another quick post for tonight. I just uploaded a few more photos to my Photography page on my website.

A few new pics from Huntington Beach and Tennessee Beach in Marin County. Sweeeeeeet!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Updated resume

I've just updated my resume and it's available at:

Check out and then click on the "Resume" link.

Swwwwwwwwweet new Cars toys!!

Today was awesome for a whole bunch of reasons, but to make it even better I won my Ebay bids on some supppppper aweeesssome new Cars toys!! There are some really amazing new Cars toys coming out, now that I thought I had all of the Cars toys it looks like there are quite a few more. These are so amazing and I am glad to say I've kept up my collection and I should still have all the available ones at the moment!! Awesome. I am still keeping my eye out for the new movie moments characters that come out in January, those are going to be fantastic.

These are totally sweet, I just got a Radiator Springs version of Lightening McQueen, Hudson Hornet with all of his stickers on and a Yellow/Gold coloured Ramone. Amazing!!

Radiator Springs McQueen

Fabulous Hudson Hornet

Yellow Ramone

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Getting ready for my new Digital Camera!!

I am going to buy my new digital camera soon and it's going to be sweeeeeeeeet!! My camera now has been really great but I think it's about time to get a new one with a larger zoom and bigger screen and (more importantly) much smaller delay time between shutter-button press and taking/storing of the photo. My current camera can take a good 2 or 3 seconds sometimes between pressing the button and the photo actually taking. Quite a few times I've missed quick moments because of this, so I'm pretty keen to get my new camera for my trip to Europe next April after I graduate.

Sandisk Ultra II 2Gb Card

So yes I am on the road to getting my new digital camera. BestBuy and CompUSA had some sweeeeeeet deals over Thanksgiving weekend for SD cards (which my new camera will use.) I got a really good price for these Sandisk Ultra II cards, and I got two of the 2 Gb ones. My new camera is going to be a 7 Megapixel camera, but I think I'll still be able to take hundreds and hundreds of photos (even on Large Superfine quality) with these cards.

119 Readers in a week?!

I had absolutely no idea how many people read my blog per week and I was kind of interested. Every little while I get an email from a high school friend saying something like "it's cool to see what you're up to!"

This is super exciting of course as I am totally psyched and really quite flattered that you all take time out of your busy lives to see what little Mike Jutan is up to. Thanks again friends and readers, whoever (and wherever) you are! :)

On that note, I sortof now have a better idea of "where" you are! (Haha I know that sounds dodgy, please read on for an explanation!!) :)

I was pretty surprised to find out (now that I've added Google Analytics, a page-counter type mechanism to my blog) that I had 119 visitors to my blog in 1 week. Amazing!!

Looks like this first week of data shows people visiting my blog from 9 different countries, in the following order, by number of visitors.

United States
United Kingdom
Korea, Republic of

The majority of readers were from USA (65) and Canada (44). Looks like in Canada most readers are in Toronto and London area (as expected) and in USA a lot of the visitors were from the Bay Area, but there were actually a surprising amount of visitors from places all over the USA. Very cool!!

If I get more interesting data in the future I'll post that up here too. Pretty amazing that my blog is reaching people all the way in Korea. Haha actually that's a funny story. That must have been my old co-worker James Piechota from Alias, who actually visited Pixar last week!! He posted a comment to my blog and that must have been the Korea visitor. Pretty cool stuff.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

American Thanksgiving Dinner

What up!!

Since most of my friends are away for American Thanksgiving, a few of us that are still here in Emeryville made some awesome dinner and had our own Thanksgiving dinner here together. Good times!!!

Alex and Edgar putting together the final touches

Mmm... food

Nicely set table

Just about to start dinner


Nintendo Wii "Mii" Caricatures

Hey homeys.

We've been playing a lot of Nintendo Wii lately and it rocks. It also allows you to make caricatures of yourself that can be your characters while you are playing the Wii Sports games, it's awesome.

Here are the ones we made for me and for Kurt.

Kurt's "Mii" - "Mr. Phelps"

My "Mii" - "Jutan Clan"

Amazing. I like how mine looks totally insane.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Playing the Nintendo Wii

My friends Alex and Kurt and Edgar are totally nuts, they went and hung out in line for ages the night before the Nintendo Wii came out and got a wristband, and then drove to Daly City at 6am on Sunday to go pick it up!! Crazy!! Anyway they are nuts but they did get the new game system on the first day it was available. Pretty sweet!!

The crazy thing about this is the controller is wireless and you actually use the controller in the way you would in the game itself, i.e. we were playing Wii Golf and you swing the controller in the air like a golf swing and this is translated into motion in the game, it's pretty awesome.

Alex and the controller

An old style controller you can also buy

Alex and Alex Finlayson hangin' out and playing the Wii

Haha random pic of me and Sarah

Alex rockin' the house at the Legend of Zelda video game

Another crazy one of me and Sarah

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hiking at Tennessee Beach

On Saturday we went up to Tennessee Beach in the North Bay and hiked down to the beach. The sun set while we were on the beach and it was amazing and beautiful.

Sarah parking across lanes at the Pixar parking lot

Me in my pensive/hip hop mood

Me pretending to be a dinosaur

Me and Alex walking

Hilarious wig from Halloween

I think it suits me

Getting coffee in San Francisco

Awesome clouds

Alex hiking up the hill

Me and Sarah doing some sort of dance fighting?! :)

Chillin' on the beach

Hip hop Mike and Sarah

Sarah lookin' sharp

Awesome photo

Me and Sarah trying to do angry faces but laughing instead

Alex at the beach

Some sort of courteous situation

Haha, me and Sarah pretending to have an argument for the camera, haha

Clint, Sarah, Me and Bill

Awesome bird and clouds


Another good one of me and Sarah

Clint doing backflips on the beach

Clint rockin' out


Amazing sunset

Another great pic

Sunset on the beach

Visit to Google and Stanford

This Friday we went down to Mountain View and visited some friends at Google. Alex came this time as well as some of my friends from work and they all looooooooved it!!!!!!!! :) It was really awesome to visit again and it sure is exciting there. We ate some great free food in their cafeteria... chicken breast, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and more and more. It was awesome.

On the way to Google

Walking to Google

My Pixar homeys coming to visit

A pool filled with plastic balls... clearly NOT just for kids?!?!!!!!! Either way, in 5 seconds I had my shoes off and was heading right for the pool.


Good times!!

I looked away for 1 min and all of my Pixar friends were in the tub of plastic balls too. Awesome.

This is why I love people from Pixar

Walking around Stanford

Random ticket on the site of a bike

The first computer hard drive holder for Google's data

A magazine about Google

Capserelli aka Sarah

Weird exit sign

Chillin' at Stanford

Haha awesome

Me trying to find a little door

Driving back

Funny restaurant called "Juut", I think they mean "Jutan!"

Me parking Sarah's car