Sunday, March 22, 2009

OMG - Karmageddon Remaster of Dave Matthews Band Lillywhite Sessions.... and "Build you a house"

The only phrase I can think of right now is... OMG.

I just found a link to the 2006 "Karmageddon Remaster" of the greatest DMB album ever made, the never-released rough cut from 2000, usually referred to as "The Lillywhite Sessions"...

THIS IS AMAZING. So a guy who called himself "Karmageddon" did the first ever remaster of The Lillywhites (which were originally leaked on Napster back in 2000) and released it in 2006 online. I missed the boat on that "release" and just managed to find it online now. I had this album on tape and rocked out to that in my parent's 1990 Honda Accord just after learning how to drive... this is the album of my senior years of high school... oh MAN!!!!!!!!!! Anyway this is a beautiful remaster and it just sounds so clear and sharp compared to the original recordings (which, again, are the best Dave Matthews songs I've ever heard...)
Note you can download the FLAC->Wave File decoder here:
The other thing that rocks? While on the weeklydavespeak site I also found a download to a song called "Build you a house" - I've never heard it before, and it's also apparently from around the same time as the original Lillywhite Recordings in 2000. HOLY CRAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I've got my tunes set for the next 6 months. Remastered Lillywhite Sessions... on repeat. DONE!

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