Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Everything is Illuminated... and UV Mapping

Tonight we went out for sushi to a cool little place in Emeryville which was nice. I didn't even know it was here so it was definitely worth checking out. I got a "Philadelphia Roll" which was a pretty hilarious sushi roll, it was essentially the famous Jewish meal Bagels and Lox (Bagels, Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon), but in Sushi form?!??! Haha it was so weird, it was a roll of sushi with cream cheese and salmon in it, (don't think it was smoked salmon, but close enough), haha it was hilarious AND tasty.

A bunch of my friends from work came with and after getting food we headed back to watch a movie called "Everything is Illuminated" which was fantastic. It was very good, the music was weird and very well fitting to the story, and it was a very serious story with some really funny sections. I was really impressed and it's kindof interesting, the boy in the film (Elijah Wood) goes to the Ukraine to try to find a lady who helped his Jewish grandfather during the war. It was a very sweet story and some cool twists and unexpected things happened too. The overall story was very interesting and also a bit motivating for my travels too. I googled my last name once and found out that there were some Jutans in Lithuania, which is around the Ukraine area in Eastern Europe. I was actually thinking of adding Lithuania to my travel list to check out the area where some Jutans may have originally been from. Very cool. I think I have a lot of places to go already, but it's a cool possibility anyway!!

Work was sweet today, and I am in the land of UV Mapping. Sorry I can't talk about any of the details, but it's pretty darn cool stuff right now. I wrote the Automatic Mapping for Maya 7.0 when at Alias and I actually needed to use it today!! Haha it was cool because the manipulator for the Automatic Mapping tool is an example of the first OpenGL code I ever wrote. :)
A cool article I found that mentions the Maya 7 Automatic Mapping feature...

Maya's Automatic Mapping method is best suited to UV mapping of flat-sided objects is also greatly improved: You can now manipulate the mapping planes used by Maya like other geometric shapes to change the angle or alignment of projections on the various planes of a surface.
Awesome!! So that was pretty exciting and it looks like I'll be working with the Sets Shading team now for a bit doing a whole bunch of UV Mapping, although I am still officially on the Sets Modeling team. This is super awessssoome!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, sorry I have to be super vague, I can't talk about the details until the movie comes out.

I guess that's about it for tonight, had a great time with my friends from work tonight, they are totally awesome.

While on the topic of movies...

If you read my previous post you can see that "The Last Kiss" really got me thinking!! I have other random movie related chatting to do so I figured it seemed appropriate to make a random post about nothing too specific. :) Sounds like my friend Bill from work got "Everything is Illuminated" and we're going to watch that tomorrow night. I am pretty excited as it sounds really cool, the subject sounds pretty neat, a young Jewish boy (played by Elijah Wood) takes off to Lithuania searching for someone who helped his grandfather through the World War. It sounds super serious but I think it's supposed to be a comedy, lots of weird and interesting people he runs into along the way I bet. Sounds awesome. Anyhow I'll certainly give it some props on here if it rocks as much as I expect it to. :)

Also I just found out that Curious George comes out on DVD tomorrow. I think I should probably buy it. Now that I work on 3D films, I find that I am reaaaaaaaaaally starting to appreciate all the little details in 2D films too. Curious George was very well animated and the colours and sets they use are very bright and vibrant and awesome. I saw in on the big screen but I think I'd like to get the DVD. Jack Johnson did the soundtrack, so that rocks, and also some hilarious people like Will Ferrell and David Cross are voices in the movie. I think I should probably get it, but I need to start going fierce on the savings if I am going to be able to afford this bug huge trip to Europe in April.

Cool. Looks like Alias/Autodesk is going to have a cool Maya event soon so I am psyched to check that out. Good times!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why "The Last Kiss" movie made me think... a lot.

Tonight I saw "The Last Kiss." I expected my first feeling afterwards to be "That rocked!" because Zach Braff and Rachel Bilson were in it and the screenplay was written by London, Ontario native Paul Haggis. Well, my first response was initially quite different. "That was nuts!", "That was painful to watch", "Man, I liked Garden State better... it was a nicer movie"... and so on... but then we started thinking about it more... this movie was FANTASTIC.

My friend Yaron and I started talking about the movie and how it applied to our lives, what parallels we saw in our own lives and so on and so forth. This movie sparked so much conversation and interesting social issues to discuss that we just went to Pixar for like 2 or 3 hours to sit at a table and drink some Tea and talk about the movie and discuss some of our personal philosophies about life and relationships we've had. It was freakin' awesome to have a movie inspire this much discussion and conversation and thought. Fantastic and awesome.

So as expected the movie was totally depressing. It was about a bunch of relationships which are all falling apart at the seams, and pretty much everyone in the movie is really quite flawed in some way. These people do a whole bunch of terrible stuff to the people that they love and it's really quite hard to watch and crazy.

But... it sure made me think a LOT. I am going to keep this general cause I don't want to discuss the personal details on here, but I came out of a 3-year relationship last summer, so I definitely had plenty of things to chat about. I think these are just a few of the things I was thinking and talking for hours about tonight... the philosophy of how a man should act in a relationship... the kind of regret people can feel if they have a one-sided relationship where they are always putting their girlfriend first, so much so that they actually start regretting doing that... how someone can be a good match for someone else, but that might not be enough somehow... how no one is actually perfect, despite what usual romantic films make us feel like... how if you are dating someone, they might do a whole bunch of super annoying stuff, but you never really focus on the bad stuff, and you always seem to make excuses for the bad stuff and justify it... how when you come out of a long relationship, you stop justifying the bad stuff and realize that those things about the girl actually did bother you, and you have to do this to survive the change and make peace with yourself... whether or not people in a relationship should acknowledge that they are somewhat attracted to other people, or totally ignore or block out these feelings to maintain a stronger commitment to their boyfriend/girlfriend...

And then these ideas lead to more broad questions like "How do you know if a decision you make in life is the correct decision?"

At school, life is so planned out and every minute in scheduled and busy and stressful. But you have a defined schedule. You know for 4 or 5 years you'll be basically doing the same thing. The crazy part is that when you finally finish school, life kindof becomes a bit of a guessing game. You can't see into the future of course, and if you're hard-working and motivated you'll often have several choices to make in life, all of which will seem to be good, solid decisions. All of these decisions are probably "good" decisions. But how do you know which is the "right" decision? How do you know which decision will be the "best" one? If they are all good, or potentially good, how do you possibly choose one? I suppose the only way to do this is to weigh up your options at the time and try to balance what you know at the current time to make your decision. It seems like there is no way to know if you're making the best choice, so you sometimes just need to go with whatever you feel is best at that moment. It seems crazy but I guess that kindof how life rolls. You can't logically determine which choice is best when you have too many good choices. One will probably be much better than the others, but you'll never know which one it is until you've chosen one of them and followed through with it. At that point it's often pretty hard to change your mind, so you have to decide, hope it's the right choice and then just go with it.

So if you're interested in going to "The Last Kiss" because it looks like it might be something like Garden State and seems like a good romantic comedy, then maybe it's not the best choice for a date movie. But if you want to see a movie that's kindof hard to watch, well acted and will send you into a 5 hour, super interesting, thoughtful discussion... then I definitely suggest you check it out.

Cool that Rosh Hashannah is the time of year in the Jewish calendar when you are supposed to think a lot about your past and your past year and what you want to do better in the upcoming year.

All in all I think the biggest issue in "The Last Kiss" was that when people in relationships are too scared to bring up issues or talk about things, these things snowball until they are blown to huge proportions and can be very upsetting to both sides.

I guess it all comes down to being honest in all of your relationships with people, whether it is friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Rosh Hashannah

Today was a pretty busy day. Yaron, a friend from Waterloo who is working at Google at the moment came up to the East Bay for Rosh Hashannah, which is Jewish New Years. We went to Berkeley Hillel, a Jewish Students Association in Berkeley for services and then chilled in Berkeley for quite a while. It was cool and Berkeley rocked as usual. Oh yes also last night I went for an ammmazzzziiing huge 40-person Rosh Hashannah dinner with tons of other Jewish co-workers from Pixar!! It was totally awesome and everyone was super nice, tons of coooool friends and people from work are Jewish too, good times. It was fun and it was very kind of them to invite me along too, I had a super awesome time and the food was like totally insanely fantastic.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Jutan in Europe April 2007

And now starts the plans for my big solo backpacking trip across Europe.

I just bought a bunch of books from Amazon and they arrived today.

Lonely Planet Greek Islands, Greece, Rite of Passage: Tales of Backpacking through Europe, France and Italy.

So I guess from this list you can see that I've decided to go to France. I've heard enough awesome stuff about the French Riviera and Nice and Provence that I better check it out. I think it'll probably be easier to fly to Paris since I am not planning to go to England on this trip since I lived there in 1994-1995 and thus don't really feel the need to spend a lot of time visiting there since I have really experienced a lot of it already.

From the first glance at the Lonely Planet website too, it looks like France is nicer in April or May and then Italy and Greece are good in June and July so that sounds like it is the tentative plan for now.

I have heard some good things about Prague and also Spain and Portugal, so I might add those onto the list. I am not completely sure how much money I will have and how many days I can stay for on my budget, but it's looking like about a 2.5 or 3 month trip I think. Should be totally awesome and I can't wait.

Since I am most likely going to be backpacking this solo and not taking a bus tour or anything, I need to do a fair bit of planning and figuring out what I want to see. Of course as I get there and meet people my plans might change, but I definitely want to know what is available to see and where I don't want to miss out on visiting. Good times.

Anyway it's like 3:30am and I have been going to bed too late this week. Hope you are all doing well. If anyone has cool travel advice for backpacking in Europe, please email me.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Joshua Radin concert tonight

Oh man this was amazing. We just got back from the Joshua Radin concert in San Francisco. I got a bunch of my friends from work to come with me and they loved it.

It was AWESOME. He played for like a hour, his band was awesome, his backup singer is a girl named Precilla Ahn who is super cute and also is a gorgeous singer, just amazing vocal harmonies with Joshua's lead vocals. Amazing. I couldn't believe how AWESOME it was in concert... so much better than other live shows I've been to recently. These guys totally rocked the house. He talked to the audience a lot and told us what all the songs mean and why and when he wrote them, ohhh man it was really cool. Also they mixed it up a lot too and played a lot of cool little riffs during the concert to make it extra good. It rocked.

I of course bought a Joshua Radin shirt, check it out.

Sweet Josh Radin shirt

So after the Josh Radin concert we met 2 people who noticed my Pixar sweatshirt and I said, yep I work there! They asked me if I knew someone there who they know and I did, and we talked for a bit and it was super obvious from our mutual acquaintance, and also by their nature that they were Jewish too! So we chatted about our obvious Jewish-ness too which was funny. They were really nice and on the way to Curt's car we saw them stranded and not able to get the steering wheel club off their car, they had left their key in Berkeley!!

So they didn't know what to do, so we drove them home!! Haha amazing. So we totally made some new friends, David and Jess or Jen I think their names were. They were so grateful that we helped them out and it was fun to make new friends. :)

The concert ROCKED. Oh man I had a great time.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The brand new!!!!

Hi friends,

Today is the launch of the new, wwwaaahhhooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After a few hours of work last week, plus about 10 hours today, it's donnnnee!! Awesome. The main differences are a better, more extendable layout than before that should look better on more machines and different operating systems. I've added a direct Raytracer link from the main site, as well as a new Art page, updated 3D page, updated resume and links, and a better layout for the photos now too. I've been wanting to do this for a while so I am pretty happy to get this rockin'.

Please take a look and let me know what you think!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

More website stuff, cell phone, work, friends

Lots of stuff to write about tonight. Today my new Nokia Cell Phone arrived and it is totally sweet. I am happy to report that I did in fact get the $40 airtime once I transferred my old number to my new phone. That rocks. So basically I got this phone for free because I paid $40 (which I was going to pay in this month anyway), and then got $40 back in airtime credit. Awesome. I programmed all my contacts into my new phone and figured out how to use it and how to lock the keypad and turn on the flashlight and stuff. Most importantly it has a whole bunch of really stupid ringtones and no normal rings or samba music like my old phone. So that is too bad. But it does play real songs as ringtones! That is cool so clearly I need to somehow get Dave Matthews Band's 40-second "Pantala Naga Pampa" on there.

I've just been looking around for software and I think I found one that will make Polyphonic Ringtones and send them to my phone. Sweet.

I also just updated the icons for my new web design for my website and posted them here:

Work is amazing and I love it.

I also talked to Yung and Matt tonight and they sound like they are doing well. Yung is working at IDT in Toronto, working on their new film. She sounds quite excited and is using the Maya Plugin Project Generator that I wrote at Alias about 2 years ago! Awesome. Matt sounds like he is doing really well too, having a great time at the Toronto International Film Festival and also doing very well at work so that rocks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Redesigning, updated resume

Well friends a few things are going on tonight. I updated my resume and posted the new one to:

Also I have finally started a redesign for my website. I made some little icons with my Wacom Tablet tonight and I think they are kinda rockin'. :) Please send me comments!

The new design is preliminary at the moment. I am going to be spending a bunch of time on it and getting it working over the next little while. Please let me know if you like the changes or if you have other suggestions. Thanks!

That's about it for tonight. The new John Mayer album is brilliant.

More concerts

I found another awesome concert happening soon, Josh Radin is playing with Schuyler Fisk who is really awesome. I saw on her site that she is going to have her own album soon so I am pretty psyched for that, I bet it'll rock the house. So they are playing with Cary Brothers and a bunch of other "The Last Kiss" soundtrack style music. Good times.

Paul Simon and Surfjan Stevens are playing in Berkeley soon too, and I am thinking of going to those too but not sure yet. Tonight was just listening to lots of music and I went out for Indian Food with some friends from work.

Also it's kinda sweet, I think my Cell Phone is going to be delivered tomorrow?!? That was fast. Aweeeessomme.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Phone and Europe travel plans

Tons of random stuff to do this evening. I got my new Cell Phone ordered and called the Virgin Mobile help desk and it sounds like I can keep my current Cell Phone number but also get this sweet new phone for free, which rocks. Yeah for new phone awesomeness. I should probably get a Dave Matthews Band ringtone to celebrate or something.

Anyway, that is cool and also today I went to Emery Bay Cafe with Kurt and Alex, they went camping with us too and they are straight-up legendary. Good times. Gattabet and I went to the mall after that and got some Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream, it was good but it was insanely huge and such an American-sized portion that I wanted to chant "U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!" and that was that.

Also today I started looking for travel books for Europe. I am going next April and I am not sure where I want to go yet, but probably Italy, France, Greece, the Greek Islands and also maybe Portugal and Spain. Since I've been to a few of the more Northern Europe countries already (France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Switzerland), I think I want to keep my travels mostly to the Southern area and the Mediterranean cause that sounds totally amazing. It sounds like I'll probably have enough money for maybe 2.5 or 3 months, so there is lots to do and I am going to have to get some plans rockin'. I want a more relaxed kind of trip with not everything planned in advance, but I'd also like to plan out some things I want to see and get at least an idea of where I want to go over the trip and what I don't want to miss. It is totally going to rock the house, I can't wait.

Check out these sweet photos of my new phone.

Front view

Side view

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Camping in Big Basin

This weekend we went camping to Big Basin Redwoods State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains, near San Jose. It was totally sweet, of course. I had suuuuucccccccccch an awesome time, I went with about 15 or 16 people from work and it was just amazing. As always, it was a really great bunch of people to hang out with all weekend and they made the whole experience even more enjoyable/legendary.

We had LOTS of good food, Jon and Jake were cooking fiends, and did a really fantastic job on the food, we had steak and mashed potatoes last night?!?!! It was really good and by far the best food I've ever had while camping. :) Jon and Angelique even had a coffee percolator which was very well received at like 8:30 in the morning after sleeping on rocks all night.

We went hiking too and also had lots of time just to chill and enjoy the weekend, get out into nature a bunch and chill with some wicked friends from work. Oh man. Good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmm... pancakes

Lots of eggs

Eating breakfast

Alex at breakfast

Kurt rockin' a lot of pancakes

Hangin' out

Breakfast time

Sweet campsite

Yeeeah trees


Kev, J-Kiz and A-Diz



Good one of Matt and Jaime

Edwin giving the one eye stare

Kurt getting some water goin' on

And... more trees

Good one of Patrick

Obvious Signs R' Us

Cool bridge

Really awesome big trees

On the hike

Jon on the hike


Sweet campsite vibe

Making breakfast

Ben chillin

Haha this one is fantastic

Junyi in his scarf

Kev packing up

Packing up stuff

Friday, September 08, 2006

Target, Cell Phones, Camping

Lots of cool stuff going on lately. Tonight we went to Target and I got a bunch of random food like I usually get there, it was fun. My roommate Jake and I went up there and I got stuff as random as spaghetti sauce, lots of Iced Tea, a box of twinkies, and a folding chair to take camping this weekend.

Awesome new music that I've been listening to. I have been rockin' out to some pretty legendary Joshua Radin as usual, and The Last Kiss soundtrack is totally awesome. Also it looks like both Teitur and John Mayer have new albums coming out soon, so that is fantastic. I heard the new Dave Matthews Band studio album is supposed to be coming out at the end of this year, so that would be great.

So I was on the Virgin Mobile site tonight and it looks like I spent about $26 this month on my Cell Phone calls and then another $7 to get service for the month. So that is about $33, and Virgin Mobile has a new plan for $34 per month that gives you 300 minutes any time and 1000 minutes per month every evening 7pm-7am and all weekend, so that is Friday at 7pm to Monday at 7am. That is actually pretty good as it appears that I am using the phone just enough to spend about $34 per month, so I may as well change to this plan and then if I talk more than I am right now, I won't get charged more than I am already paying. So that seems good, I don't think I'll use the phone much less than I am right now, so I may as well switch to this new plan.

Also it looks like on their site that I can also get a new phone too. My current phone has pretty bad battery life, it seems to only last for 1 day, so if I go away for the weekend it'll stop working by Saturday evening which is not good. This happens even if I have turned the phone off overnight!! So it's not a huge deal but anyway it looks like Virgin Mobile has a Nokia phone on their site that is $40, but comes with a $40 Airtime credit. So in other words the phone is free because I will have to pay in $40 soon enough anyway, and this way I just pay for the phone and get the money back in Airtime. So I should probably do that, it seems like a good idea to upgrade to a better phone (and it's free anyway so it seems appropriate.)

Ok so all this stuff I've been reading about tonight, but also I had to pack because I am going camping all weekend. A bunch of us are going camping and it is going to be totally awesome, I can't wait. Not sure exactly where it is, somewhere in the South Bay I think but anyway it should be really awesome and lots of cool people are going too.

Well that's about it from me tonight. It's 2:15am, usually I have been going to bed earlier, but tonight I am too excited about work and camping and cell phones and so on, so I figured I'd go on Facebook for an hour and then blog for a while too. :)

Matt Lausch sounds like he had an awesome first week at work, so I am looking forward to hearing from him about how it went. Looks like Matt Philips is rockin' out at work already too based on what he said on his blog, so that is great. Those 2 guys are reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally smart and reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly good at programming. :) (If you're reading this Matt and Matt, then I hope you enjoyed the props.) Those guys were AWESOME roommates last term. Good times.

Talking about roommates, my one roommate Curt has moved to Danville which is somewhere about 45 minutes from here. That is too bad cause he is awesome, but he wanted to move cause it's really quiet there and he has his own room over there and some of his friends live there too I think. So I am sure he'll have a good time and we'll still see him lots at work so no worries.

Ok I better get to bed cause it's camping time tomorrow! We watched Finding Nemo tonight and it was amazing as always.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sweet chocolate and ice cream, and work rocks

Tonight was awesome, I went with my roommates Jake and Curt and some of their friends to Ghirardelli Square in the City for Ice Cream which was really good. We were celebrating Emma's birthday, she is a friend from work. We hung out for a while and then also went to In-N-Out burger which is freakin' awesome. Nice bunch of people there and good chillin' with my roommates which was fun as usual.

Work is totally sweet and amazing. I've been doing some modeling at work (the 3D kind, not the runway kind, hehe) and it has been going really well. Learning lots of new stuff about modeling which is great.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Go to the movie theatre, and see An Inconvenient Truth

Tonight we watched the film An Inconvenient Truth. It is a film where facts about global warming are laid out very clearly by Al Gore, who is incredibly interesting to listen to and very knowledgeable about this subject. This is certainly a film that everyone should see.

All too often, films like this are made and no clear indication is given as to what every person can do to help. But An Inconvenient Truth was very good in this respect as well.

At the end of the film and on the website, a list of common every-day energy saving and environmentally sound practices are given. They include recycling more and using public transportation, turning off lights and electronic devices when you are not using them, and so on. The website is and I would very much recommend reading it and seeing the film.

It seems like an impossible problem - but really it is not. There are just a few things that everyone can do to help and to treat our planet better.

It was a fantastic film and I very much recommend it.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Going to Josh Radin

Looks like Josh Radin in playing a concert pretty soon so I pretty much have to go to it. Oh yeah, and also I need to bring all my friends, cause Josh Radin is totally legendary. I have been listening to his tunes a lot lately and he is just awesome.

There seems to be a lot of other good concerts around here, Paul Simon is playing in Berkeley and a lot of other good stuff is coming up soon too, so I might go to a few more if I am up for spending some cash on good music. That seems most certainly appropriate.

This coming weekend should be totally awesome as well because we are going camping somewhere (not sure where yet) but it is totally going to rock.

I was going to update my website today and post a bunch of stuff but I ended up going to a BBQ with my roommate and some of his friends and then just hangin' out after that so I didn't quite get to the website. Oh well, I should do that at some point soon I guess.

So I was going to finish writing this post but then I felt like watching TV for some reason so I just watched Leno for a bit, it was pretty funny. One of my roommates was away for the weekend and he isn't back yet, but it's 12:20 already so I guess I am off to bed.

Matt Parrott and my roommates are going to come to Josh Radin with me so that rocks and I have some people to go with which is great.

I saw Joel Coen and Frances McDormand this weekend

One thing I forgot to mention, that totally rocks the house.

This weekend when Matt and I were hanging out at a random croissant restaurant, I noticed super awesome actress Frances McDormand and her husband, the incredibly amazing/super talented Joel Coen walk by. Matt and I finished our food quickly and rushed out to see if it was really them. It sure was, and we even walked into a super expensive clothing store, and pretended to be interested in the clothes for a minute or two so we could see them up close. :)

It was ammmazing. Joel Coen is the director and co-writer of one of my favourite movies ever, The Big Lebowski. Also him and his brother Ethan wrote/directed Fargo, The man who wasn't there, O Brother, Where Art Thou and tons more.

I can't believe I saw one of the Coen brothers this weekend. That is insane.

Campfire on the beach, movies, new friends

This weekend has been both pretty chill and also full of activities. Friday night I came home from work and went right back out to hang with Mattabet and his friends. We went to Ocean Beach and made a campfire on the beach and roasted some pretty awesome turkey hotdogs. I ate like 4 of them. It was fantastic. I got to play some guitar too and meet Mattabet's friends, they were all awesome especially Holly and Julie and Julie's friend from DC, they were a cool bunch and Holly and Julie rocked out with some good singing/guitar playing which was quite fitting for the chill nature of a campfire on the beach. Awesome!!

The next day Matt and I went to the Farmer's Market, then to the city and then to see Snakes on a Plane. Yes it was ridiculous and yes it was totally nuts and had a pretty terrible script, but mannnn was it awesome and entertaining. There were some really hilarious quotes from it, and Samuel L. Jackson really is a powerhouse, it was awesome.

I bought Arrested Development Season 3, so now I have all 3 seasons. The quote on the front of the DVD box is "Better than just about everything on TV", well said!!

Let's see what else is up. Today we went for breakfast with some of the other new interns who I haven't hung out with yet, they were all cool. After that we went to see Little Miss Sunshine and it was a really great movie, Steve Carell is a really good actor and the rest of the actors and actresses in the movie were fantastic too. It's a story about a family trying to get to a beauty pageant called Little Miss Sunshine that their daughter is supposed to be in, and the family is totally weird and awkward but very sweet at the same time. It was very well written and acted and I really enjoyed it. It also has a rating of 93% on which is totally amazing.

Anyhow, here are some pics from the campfire on the beach this weekend.


Holly rockin' out

New homeys

Me playing some guiiitarre

Julie and her friend from DC

Cool chalet thing

View into the city

Nice houses

Awesome driving streetcar

Friday, September 01, 2006

Why today rocked the house

Today was totally awesome, I had a BBQ with my team at work and everyone is super nice and amazing. I love it!!!! Also I finished doing some work that worked out really well and is actually going to be on screen!!!!!! So that is totally amazing too.

Tonight I had some drinks with some people from work and met some new people, they were all awesome of course. Now my buddy Matt Parrott called me and I am going into San Francisco for a night of chillin' on the beach and a nice bonfire. How much does that rock?!?!!

Yeaaaah so great week and great weekend coming up. This is fantastic!!!! :)