Thursday, March 30, 2006

Added sweet new photos to my website

I've been taking a lot of photos with a Canon Digital Rebel XT Camera lately and it is a totally awesome camera. I've posted lots to my blog but I thought I'd post a few of the good ones to my website. These are posted in about 1/3 of the resolution of the originals, which is pretty amazing. Thank you 8 Megapixels!!

Check it out at: and click on"Photography."

Today at work was sweet. At the end of the day we played some excellent Badminton. Me, Liu, Chen and Trent played together, then Frank switched in for a bit and then Maggie switched in for a bit. I played for about 2 hours straight, it was intense. Nice to get some good exercise and play some sweet Badmintion action, I love that sport. It might be the only sport that I love playing, but it sure is sweet.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mom and Dad visit San Francisco

This weekend my parents came to visit me here in California!!!! It was really awesome and we did tons of stuff: visiting Pixar, bread and cheese at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, a walk through North Beach, dinner at The Stinking Rose, Pizza at the Cheese Board in Berkeley, a walk in Muir Woods, dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, a walk through Chinatown, Baker Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square, dinner at House of Nan King, lunch in Emeryville and more!! Amazing!!!!!!!

It was a really fun weekend and my parents really enjoyed seeing where I work and meeting all my awesome friends here. Next time I am out here I need to get my sister to come and visit and we can do all the same exciting activities!

Another beautiful picture of the front gate at work

Me at my desk

Jake and I with his lunch

Mom and Dad with The Incredibles

Frank and I at work

Me and my scooter, and a Mike Wazowski pinata

A lazy seal at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

Flying birds with Alcatraz in the background


Another cool bird

Beautiful sunset looking down Lombard St in San Francisco

Mom and Dad at Muir Woods in the rain

Hiking in Muir Woods

Muir Woods awesomeness

More Muir Woods awesomeness

Dad and I outside the Hotel

Dad and I playing with iPods at the Apple Store

Dad at a Bagel Store in San Francisco

Sweet house in The Presidio

Nice Orchids

Mom and Dad on Baker Beach

The Ocean

Cool bird walking around in the waves

Me on Baker Beach

Golden Gate Bridge

Mom and Dad at Ghirardelli Square

Cool bar called the Vesuvio in North Beach, where Beat Poet Jack Kerouac used to hang out

And another trip to the best restaurant in the city

Matt and I having some good food

Mom, Dad, Matt and Frank at breakfast

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Have a good trip home Taylor

Well today it was sad to see Taylor off. He is headed back to SCAD tomorrow to finish up his last term, and then is probably going to LA after that as far as he has planned at the moment I think.

We had a cake for him today and crashed one of his meetings with a cake and cheered for him. I got him a DVD and wrote him a little something.

And now for a message to Taylor...

Taylor I am sure you will read this so just wanted to let you know... you have been an awesome friend to me and all of the other guys and girls here. Our many 24 watching parties, Scrubs watching nights, restaurant eating, movie watching, pool playing, breakdancing awesomeness has been a fantastic time that we will never forget. You are a great friend to have and we are all going to miss having you around here bro. Enjoy school and belt out your last term so we can see you again soon. Hope to see you in September or so, and you better come up here and visit or "ya-mo pass out on YOUR couch" if ya know what I'm sayin'.

Taylooour you're a legend and a scholar. I think I speak for the whole P-Dizzle intern homeys/crew when I say... we are gonna miss you bro.

Enjoy your term at school... and I'll keep in touch re: sweet Pixar swag.

My parents are visiting, Scrubs and The O.C. rock

Tonight was totally sweet. My parents arrived and are visiting so that is awesome. My Mom brought me some Tim Hortons coffee!! Sweet.

I missed The O.C. last week so I had to catch up last night, man it was amazing. I can't believe Summer said "awkward" in the classic way that has somehow caught on... the bird in "Hookwinked" says "awkward" too in the same tone of voice... it's hilarious. Hmm that reminds me, lots of Animated movies coming out soon. I am pretty excited to see Ice Age 2, I bet it is going to be awesome. Hoodwinked was pretty funny, I might see it again when it comes out on DVD. Good times.

Anyway now that I am talking about TV, I watched Scrubs tonight and man I love that show. I haven't mentioned this for a while so I'd better say it again, man Scrubs is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love the storylines, I love the morals to the stories, I love the characters, I love the actors, oh yeah and I definitely love the music. What an amazing show.

Other than random TV goodness, things are going awesomely at work. Lots of interesting stuff to do, lots of great people and I am excited for school again this summer.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sweet, I got into Graphics!

Course Signup was today and it was 100% successful!! I am a bit hardcore when it comes to school and school signup for classes, and I had all my schedules and alternate schedules prepared before course signup started this morning. I was sitting waiting for the time when I could sign up and when it came I entered my classes, pressed submit and a good 2 seconds later I was enrolled into all the classes I wanted. Awesome!!

I guess they must give preference to 4th years by letting us sign up before other years or something like that. This rocks as I've had trouble in the past with classes that have been full. This is great and my schedule is looking pretty sweet for next term.

I am taking:
  • CS 488: Graphics (this will be the hardest and best class I will ever take at University I think)
  • PMATH 330: Mathematical Logic (This is supposed to be a pretty straightforward Math class)
  • HIST 200: History & Film (Some essays, movie watching, other fun stuff)
  • and a Fine Arts Independent Study Course where I will be studying the idea of beauty in the mundane messy life that is student apartment living (of course with a 3D twist) I am totally psyched for this class. I have been taking a lot of photography this term that I will be using as reference for this idea.
It is going to be a really awesome term. Now that I have finished all of those required 3rd year CS classes I get to do all the supppppeeer aweeesssssooome 4th year CS classes. This is going to be SO awesome. My friend Matt took Graphics last summer and got like 1,000,000% in the course cause he is a genius, and he said it was totally amazing. Oh hehe my other friend Matt took the course last summer and got like 1,000,001%, also due to his geniusness. They both said it was a totally sweet class and I have been looking forward to this class since I came to visit the Waterloo Math Faculty with Matt in Grade 12 in March 2000. Awesome.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My new apartment in Waterloo!!

Matt Lausch, Matt Philips and I are living together this summer in Waterloo. The 2 Matts just checked out this new apartment in Waterloo, and I think as of tomorrow it's ours for the summer. It's really nice and new and the rooms are really huge, so I'm pretty psyched for it!! It sounds like an awesome deal and Matt said it rocked, and the pictures are pretty amazing for the price we are getting. The location, air conditioning etc are all marvelous. The best part is that there is a toilet sitting in the laundry room!! Haha with no door or anything around it either other than the room into the laundry room. That is SO hilarious and awesome. Fortunately there is also another bathroom for our more discerning guests.

The big room

More of the big room


Haha coin operated laundry and a toilet in the laundry room!!

Another bedroom

The kitchen

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Photography at Fisherman's Wharf

On Sunday, my homeys Matt and Tracy and I went to P-Dizzle to get some tea and then headed to the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco. We got some really awesome bread and cheese at the market there, ate pretty much all of it and then headed to Fisherman's Wharf.

I got a chance to finally use the power of my Mom's new Canon Digital Rebel XT SLR Camera, it was amazing and it can take some awesome rapid-fire photos, like 3 per second or something crazy like that. I got some really cool pics of the birds at Fisherman's Wharf. Good times!!

After that we headed to the Stinking Rose, a garlic restaurant in North Beach. I hadn't been there before but I had heard a lot of good things about it, and it was totally sweet.

Taylor picked us up when we got back to Emeryville, my friend Tracy went back to LA and the rest of us went to Jupiter in Berkeley for a going away party for Taylor and Piotr.

It was an awesome, amazing, super busy weekend... and lots of pictures!!!

Me in my Paul Frank banana pjs getting breakfast

Getting tea at P-Dizzle

San Francisco Ferry Building

A cute little guy walking around

Sweet cheese store

Mmm... Fontina Val something

Matt and I trying to decide what spread to get

Mmm... buying cheese

Cool photo that Tracy took

Bread and spreadable cheese, awesome

Tracy taking a picture of me taking photos

The result of my photos

Then to Pier 39

The first rapid-fire shot I took, check out the detail of the bird and the plane in the background!!

Tracy making silly faces

And another good one, haha

This fish does not look happy

Cool lantern thing

Me and Tracy at Fisherman's Wharf

Haha another good one

Awesome wings on this bird


And now for the photos of the birds...

Taking off...


This is my favourite pic

Rapid-fire photography rocks

Another flying pic

This bird just chillin' out

Then we walked up Kearny through North Beach

Close up of Tracy

Closeup of Matt

This camera rocks

A Most Unusual Art, and Matt scratching his head in the reflection, haha

Cool San Francisco houses

Our destination!!

Mmm... awesome garlicy food!!

Matt got this sweeeeeeet veggie lasagna

This cool Tiramisu Ice Cream thing we shared for dessert!