Monday, September 29, 2008

Top 50 Animated Films

This is pretty cool, a list of the Top 50 Best Animated Films from

It's pretty crazzzzzy, 4 out of the Top 10 (including #1) are Pixar films. 8 out of the Top 10 are Disney (including Disney/Pixar) films. Amazing!

Housewarming #3: ILM TD and others edition

Saturday night I had "another housewarming" party at my place - really this is just becoming a good excuse to invite over a bunch of friends and have a great time. :) Anyhow, it was amaaaaaazing and tons of my friends made it here, which rocked. I think it was the most successful party yet! The food worked out REALLY well. R.Roooose from work gave me her famous Baked Brie recipe with caramelized onions and I actually managed to pull it off with some help from Frank. I made mini-caprese salads too, sliced suuuuppper good tomatoes from a farm stand at the Ferry Building with fresh basil from the same farm, fresh mozarella and also bagettes from Acme Bakery. It worked out well once I figured out how to serve the topping separately from the bread so they wouldn't soak the bread!!

The Google/Waterloo posse came up from Mountain View which was great, I haven't seen those guys in ages!! Everyone ate all the food, even all the carrots were gone. It was awesome that everyone went to town on it, presumably that means the food wasn't terrible (hooray!)

Great times, and awesome people as usual. Sunday morning I met up with some of the Waterloo crew again and we went to see some comedy in Golden Gate Park.

Baked Brie!!!!!!!! Rachel, it looks almost as good as yours!! ;)

Waterloo meets Texas. Word!

Piotr made it!!!!!!! B-Dwy rockin' in the background.

Cabernet and Mir-yam chatting with James

Me and John

My new coffee table being put to good use

Sweet cars in Golden Gate Park

The opening of the new California Academy of Sciences

Kristjan and Holly visit San Francisco

This weekend was awesome. On Friday, my "brother" Kristjan from Toronto came to visit San Francisco with his girlfriend Holly and his parents. We hung out, got some food at Boudin at Fisherman's Wharf, and then wandered around Pier 39 late at night and listened to the crazy Sea Lions going nuts and making lots of noise, it was funny. Saturday morning I met everyone at the Ferry Building and wandered around some more, introduced them to the glorious food, and Blue Bottle Cappucinos. Great times!!

Out for dinner

Haha good one

We got 3 little creme brulees for dessert, each one was a different flavour: vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter!!

Kristjan and Holly at the Ferry Building

Haha, Kristjan and I cheering for the Bay Bridge


Hip hop

Friday, September 26, 2008

Oy, it's late, and the news is crazy

Again, with the not sleeping!

A couple nights ago I stayed up 'till 4am just so I could do my laundry and vacuum and clean the apartment. Crazy. Then got 4 hours of sleep and powered through a SWEET day at work. Tonight I did some necessary stuff but with the economic walls falling all around it's kinda important to watch the news a lot. Holy crap Washington Mutual went down today?!?!?!? This is insane.

Well thankfully pretty much any savings I have are all FDIC insured, so at this point that seems like the only safety net around. This is crazy!!!!

The bailout plan sounds important but man they are hyping it like crazy on the news, and the President had a heck of a scary message yesterday about it. Rather than the usual Republican fear-mongering, it's actually probably quite a truthful message and it is in fact important to get a bill passed quickly to solve this before more places collapse. But giving unprecedented control and a "don't ask any questions about how I am using the money" clause to the people implementing the bailout plan is near insane. So hopefully that all gets solved.

Also it's crazy that John McCain may not show up to the first Presidential debate tomorrow with Obama, and Obama may have to turn the event into just a televised town hall discussion meeting. Super crazy stuff.

Anyway, too much going on, and as well as watching the usuals (Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, CNN), I also watched The Office premiere (it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and made a To-Do list that's about 20 items long. Man!!!!! Alrighty, it's 3:30am so I'm gonna get some sleep before another busy day tomorrow. Kristjan Bergey, my old school buddy from Alias and the DMB concert in Toronto is coming to visit ILM tomorrow with his family and girlfriend, so this will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta get some sleep so I am a good tour guide tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New name for a camera blog

Haha I was just talking to Stephan at lunch and we came up with some good names for a camera blog that I could write once I start getting into SLR photography...
  • Shootin' with Jut'n
  • Shootan' with Jutan
  • Pro-shoot-o
  • Kosher Prosciutto (haha, I like this one)
And that concludes the most random thoughts I've had all week.

Sarah's crazy Treasure Island party

Saturday I went to the Ferry Building and met up with Matt, a few other people from work, and my old Pixar homeys Bill and Sarah. Then we went over to Sarah's house on Yerba Buena Island to hang out, have a BBQ, and try to get into the Treasure Island Music Festival. That didn't work out, but we still got to hear the music from a distance. Good times.

It ended up turning into a crazy party (as things tend to on Yerba Buena Island) and dancing and craziness ensued. See photos for a direct explanation.

B-Dwy looking serious

My hip-hop homeboys/girls

Cabernet and Gatarelli

Matt turning "double stuffed" Mint Oreos into a super 5-stuffed cookie

Matt REALLY proud of his cookie-making efforts


The 5-stuffed Mint Oreo expectedly turned into a socio-political statement.
To quote:
"The trail of half-cookies beside the one cookie that contains all of the mint is a clear comment and fierce attack on American over-consumption" - Mike Jutan

...then we tried on Sarah's glasses

...then we took a walk

...then we danced

Matt striking a pose

More dancing...

...and more

...and more

And a classy shot before more ridiculous photos

...then we put on a bunch of Sarah's clothes and Halloween costumes

...and walked to the lookout over the Bay Bridge

I love this city!!!!!!!

3 crazy kids


And finally a "serious photo"

Sivanny's glorious Indian Food

The week of excitement continued on Friday with a trip to Sivanny's house!!!! She invited a bunch of her friends over and we had some really awesome vegetarian South Indian food that she made. She made Dosa - kindof like pancakes - and we dipped those in a really tasty lentil, tomato and onion vegetarian curry sauce. It was soooooooooooo good. She was amazingly humble about her cooking skills, and this food was just awesome. I went back for 2nd's... and 3rd's... and even 4th's... it rocked.

We all chatted a bunch about politics, Canada, USA, and about a bazillion other topics while eating this tasty Lemon dessert, also made by Sivanny.

Sivanny serving up the food

Getting excited for dinner

So good!!!!!!!

Everyone enjoying the food and conversation!!

Force Unleashed Crew Party

Wednesday last week I went with some friends from work to the Force Unleashed Crew Party at Bimbo's 365 in North Beach. The food was awesome, great times, great people! There were some glorious chicken curry skewers there, and we had a great time. After that we went across the road to this random place which is both an Irish Pub and an Indian Restaurant and got some curry at 1am. All in all, a classy and glorious Wednesday evening.

Haha, awesome

Matt and the game cover art

Fancy opening area to the club

Good food

Me and R.Roooooose!!

Brett, Noah and I rockin' it

Noah and I having an intense blow-up lightsaber fight

Classic Howard and Matt

Out for Indian Food with Jim and Brian

My iPod Touch

Last week my new iPod Touch arrived!!!!!!! It is just SO awesome, and it's great to have a good functioning iPod again after my other one (mostly) broke a while back. Good times.

I got an engraving on the back, a quote from Dave Matthews Band's "Pantala Naga Pampa":

"Come and relax now
Put your troubles down"

Awesome times.
The packaging is almost as well designed and minimalistic as the UI and the iPod itself. Brilliant.


Inside and cover for iPod

Headphones and cables


Sweeeeeeeeeet, it is sooo slick

Awesome times

Close up of the engraving on the back