Monday, November 07, 2005

Waterloo ranked #1 University in Canada

Waterloo has once again been awarded #1 Comprehensive University in Canada, and the #1 "Best Overall" rating for University Reputation by the annual Maclean's Canada poll!!

In 15 years of rankings, Waterloo has placed first in the magazine's national reputational survey in every year but two.

Quote from Maclean's Magazine:
A world-renowned pioneer in co-op education, this Ontario university refuses to rest on its laurels. Strong in math, engineering and computer science, it's building bridges in more ways than one.

Another quote from Maclean's Magazine about my faculty!!
Waterloo's award-winning faculty of mathematics is the largest in the world. With some 4,300 undergrads, 400 graduate students and 220 faculty members, it includes a computer science program that is the envy of many.

For more information on the Maclean's Rankings, see these articles:
A quote from the Waterloo News Release:

WATERLOO, Ont. -- The University of Waterloo has retained its position as the #1 "Comprehensive University" in the country, and #1 "Best Overall" ranking by reputation in the nation in Maclean's magazine's annual universities issue. The magazine will hit newsstands tomorrow across Canada.


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