Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

hahaha awesome.
From the Dave Matthews Band website:

You heard it here first, the next Dave Matthews Band studio album, scheduled for release on June 2, 2009 will be titled Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King.

Haha, I'm a WonderCon "Attending Professional"

This is super cool! I signed up as an "Attending Professional" for WonderCon this year in San Francisco, and I'm on their website!!
WonderCon once again welcomes an incredible list of attending professionals from all areas of the pop culture industry, including comics, films and television, animation, toy and action figure design, illustration, video games and much much more.

Pretty sweet!
I think it's gonna be pretty fun, despite the obvious nerdiness of going to a comic book festival, there are gonna be a frickin' truckload of frickin' awesome toys there!!!!!!! I bet they'll have the Big Lebowski figures... those would look good on my desk at work. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Researching LCD TVs

Spent a bunch of time tonight reading up about LCD technology and trying to figure out which TV to get.

This is a pretty is a pretty interesting article from CNET: "Six things you need to know about 120Hz LCD TVs", pretty cool stuff. Seems like this anti-jitter technology may or may not be good, some people like it and other people think it is doing to much post-processing to the image from a movie, thus modifying the director's intent for the film. Interesting points on both sides. I think I am just gonna have to go to Best Buy and the Sony Style store and see what it looks like in person.

So far I think I've narrowed the choices down to 3 awesome options, they all look good, and I'm gonna have to see if the 120Hz and smoothing options are worth it, or not.
So I think it's come down to one of these 3 options. They all cost about the same amount.
  • Sony Bravia W-Series KDL-40W4100 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV
  • Sony Bravia V-Series KDL-42V4100 42-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV
  • Samsung LN46A550 46-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV
The W-Series has the Sony 120Hz MotionFlow smoothing function, which is new, but may or may not be good. I want to see what that looks like in person. If I go with that one, they are more expensive so I'll go with a 40" one. The next is the Sony V-series, which is 60Hz, similar presumably to the Samsung A550 series. That's 60Hz so it's cheaper, and so I can get a 42" for about the same price. I am also interested in the Samsung. Those are more affordable, and it's a 60Hz too, so for about the same price I can actually get a 46" one. Gonna have to just go downtown on the weekend and watch a bunch of TVs to see what I really like.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Nerd Handbook

My buddy Matt just posted a link to this, and I thought I'd post one too... The Nerd Handbook.

This is frickin' interesting. It's a very good article and it points out some pretty interesting quirks and personality traits that you often see in someone with nerdy "leanings" such as, well... me... :)

I agree with Matt that a bunch of this stuff doesn't totally match up to every "nerdy" person. :) For instance, it says how nerds hate small talk, and how they don't like presenting to crowds or meeting new people, or traveling...?!?!? I definitely, certainly, love all of that stuff... a LOT. So I guess I'm not 100% nerdy, so that's a good thing I expect.

I loved the part about recognizing humour potential, and "scanning past experiences" for witty comments to make. Haha, that's awesome. The part about an unquenchable appetite for information is defffinnnnitely true (as well as the part saying "nerds have moderation issues") :) I have been known to spend 10 hours on my computer just reading and reading and reading.. even after a long day at work... crazy business. Yes, I am trying to achieve more moderation in my life, but it's tough!! When there is so much information out there, and so much of it is interesting... it's hard to turn off and just go sit on the couch and read a book.

The best part was about the "relevancy engine" - haha. I definitely do this all the time, and so does my Dad. You can be talking to me for a while, and it's quite possible that my mind is on something completely different than what you are talking about. I'm not being rude - it's just the "relevancy engine" kicking in, and my mind is wandering back to something I saw earlier that day, which reminded me of a lecture from University 6 years ago, which reminds me of some street sign I saw in Australia 9 years ago, which reminds me of what someone told me last week... which sparks an idea for a new iPhone app. :) This was a really cool article about the "nerd's mind" and I think a good part of this is quite (ahem)... relevant. :)

Wall-E wins Best Animated Feature!!!!!!

Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,0,498059.story

Wall-E won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature!!!!!!!! 2 for 2, baby!!!!!!! ;)

This is just so incredibly exciting. It was SUCH AN AWESOME MOVIE, and I am convinced actually it was really one of Pixar's best films - it's certainly one of my favourites.

It was a dream come true to work on such a freakin' cool project, and I'm really grateful that I was given the chance to test the "technical director" waters, try my hand at the artistic and technical art-side of the job, and get my hands "dirty" with some 3D trash (literally) and get to work on Modeling and Shading for the Wall-E truck scene and scenes of the garbage and landscapes in the first act of Wall-E.

It was so fun to be a part of this project, and it is a movie that will inspire kids and adults alike for years and years to come. Awesome times. :) Congrats to the crew!!!!!!!!!


I just LOVE my new apartment.

Lots of updates soon and some nice photos of the new place, once I get things back in order.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Move Phase #1

Tonight Cabernet and Gatarelli came over (Matt and Sarah) and they were INCREDIBLY helpful and amazing. They helped me pack all my crazy kitchen stuff, wine bottles, glassware, plates, dishes, cutlery, EVERYTHING!! It was just amazing. We even got my new computer totally packed up and moved over to the new place. Sweet.

The truck is working out well and I managed to get it for tonight as well as tomorrow, so I could do the move in two phases. :)

Decided not to move the bed tonight since it's not supposed to rain tomorrow, and it should be easy enough to move over tomorrow with lots of people helping out.

Whew I am tired, we worked on all the kitchen dry goods and dishes tonight, all the cutlery and glassware, art and frames, and got all that stuff and my computer and monitors and speakers over to the new place tonight which is nice. Tomorrow it's just the boxes and boxes of books, some more kitchen stuff and dry goods, and then the furniture... the bed, the bookshelves, the desk, the futon, and the round kitchen table. Not a ton of stuff, and should be quick with so many people helping out.

Alrighty off to bed to get a decent sleep before the big moving day tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving: Sold TV, got rid of stuff, almost ready to move

Preparing to move is going pretty well so far. I thought it would be insane to decide to move and then move like 6 days later, but packing up and throwing out stuff has actually gone very quickly. I craigslisted a bunch of stuff and finally got rid of my TV which is awesome. A guy came to get it today with 2 of his buddies, and he was so excited about it. He said other people were selling theirs for $300 (I figured that would be the case) so my price of $50 was so good he had to take it. That's awesome - I was hoping for someone to take it who was going to be organized and bring a bunch of friends to help and a nice big truck (they brought a Honda Pilot!) Awesome.

Been looking for new TVs now and Amazon looks like the best deal, actually. Shipping is included and they even have someone bring it up to your apartment, unbox it, and make sure it's working and connected to the cable correctly. Pretty awesome stuff! Looks like I can get a much better deal on Amazon and might try for a Sony 42" now or even looking to see how much the 46" ones are. But hoping to get a smaller set but a higher quality one - CNET has a LOT of reviews to go through. Now that I don't HAVE to get a new TV this week so I get free "old TV removal", I can wait until I find the one I want and then order it from the place with the best price.

My neighbour is very nice, she is in the wine industry and came by to say goodbye and also to bring me 4 more fancy bottles of French wine to take with me to my new place! That was very nice.

Also, Comcast is pretty awesome. I told them I was moving and they scheduled to turn off my cable and internet on the day I move, and scheduled someone to come to my new place to hook them both up the NEXT DAY! And also it's awesome, I said they should cancel my TV for now since I wasn't going to be using it right away... and so he offered to continue my internet and my cable tv, but give me the cable tv part FREE for a YEAR!! Amazing. I was really impressed with their service, actually. It was awesome, and it saves me $300 this year! Amazing.

Now I'm just continuing some more packing. Gonna have to spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen packing up stuff there tomorrow, but shouldn't take too long. Then moving this weekend!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Transformers 2 Trailer!!

This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out ILM's work in the new Transformers 2 trailer... super amazing!!!!!!!!!! This is so awesome, and the effects are insane!!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

Crazy Ikea Rugs

Going to IKEA tomorrow after I hit up my "bros" over at Pixar for lunch. Good times.

I need to get some carpeting/rugs for my new place, and man there are some awesome (though near insane) rugs at IKEA right now. These are all pretty cheap... and HILARIOUS.

I think I am gonna get the blue one, cause it's crazy, but not totally over the top. These are pretty nuts though... would look nice in my office at work! :)

Hehe, this one is nuts. It's not too big, and I think it's only $30 or something. Kinda ridiculous, but I like how crazy it is. Not so keen on the background being white though... that'll get super dirty.

I love this one, but it's too expensive ($199!) Ouch. It's super cool, but I don't think I want to spend that much on a technicolour rug. I also suppose it's kinda tacky... but I'm a computer scientist... so I'm not supposed to have a reasonably sense of style.

This one is the coolest, I think I am going to get this. It's cheap (like $20) and the right length that I need for the hallway. It's busy/crazy, but not overly insane so I think I really like it.

Don't worry, the rest of my IKEA purchases tomorrow will be in a more regular colour palette :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do I dare open the Pandora's box of Twittering?

So I've been trying my darndest not to reveal every single piece of information about myself in small chunks over the last 4.5 years I've been blogging.

Do I dare enter the world of "Microblogging" (aka "Twittering")?!

I am essentially ALREADY twittering since I am updating my Facebook status several times per day... that's basically the same thing. Although Twitter is more like a blog since anyone in the world can read it, I think.

So why the discussion at all? Well I just saw that the one, the only Dave Matthews actually has a twitter account. Even crazier, he updates it a LOT. This means he essentially sends lots of fans back a small, 160 character response to a question/idea/quote they send him. That's pretty AMAZING. Pretty interesting way to follow the life and details of someone you want to "keep in touch with" or just want to follow their Microblog or just want to "Microstalk" them. Anyway seems kinda cool and also super intense in the "always connected" realm. I could see how this could possibly be even worse than my addiction to blogging.

So not sure if I'm gonna open the Pandora's box of Twittering... but for now, this Dave Matthews twitter page sure is cool.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weight Loss: 1 down, 19 to go

Hey all,

So I presume most people are embarrassed to talk about weight - I guess I could say I am, in a way, too.

On the other hand, let's talk about it. :) I was as thin as a toothpick basically until I turned about 16. Then I got broad shoulders, taller, and bulked up a lot. I was doing cardio and weightlifting in Grade 12 and OAC and that was the toughest I've been. I was bulkier in Australia, but still a comfortable and reasonable weight. Then I got to Waterloo. Ouch. The stress of Computer Science at Waterloo and the many, many, many hours of stress mixed with no sleep and bad cafeteria food sent me over the top. I developed the "Freshman 20" like most people do... and I STILL haven't gotten rid of it. It's frickin' ridiculous.

Anyway I'm really fed up of saying that I care about this but not doing anything about it.

I talked to my sister a bunch about this and I've signed up for something called MyFitnessPal. Essentially this lets you track your calorie, fat, carbohydrate and protein intake per day, and subtracts the amount of calories you burn from exercise that day. Now I've heard that "just calorie counting doesn't work" but for me, it's better than not doing anything. I think I've gotten by for too long pretending I can eat whatever I like and not worry about it. So that's totally gotta stop. I keep making excuses (well, it's just a special occasion) but that seems to be the excuse every time...

I don't feel overly ridiculously overweight, but I would like to lose 20 lbs. That would be totally awesome, and I think my Tux will fit better if I get rid of this "Freshman 20" once and for all.

Anyhow, I feel like I need to "go public" with this so that I can energize myself to do better. If I know that one of my blog readers out there, somewhere, is interested in my progress... it then will motivate me personally to succeed at this.

Here's the tracker... so far 1 down, and 19 more to go!

Please wish me success and don't tempt me with cheesecake or Jones Soda. Or if you do, then please share it with me instead. ;)

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Food Diary

I'm selling my TV

So I did some calculations and the cost to pay movers to move my desk/bed/futon/coffee table and 216 LB beast of a TV is going to be expensive... nearly $400. So if I schlep all that crap myself, and someone buys my TV from craigslist (say, $100), that equals $550 which is about 3/4 of the way to a 40" Samsung 1080p LCD TV. It seems extravagant to buy such a fancy TV, but "the math doesn't lie". Also if you factor in (thanks, Lausch for this piece of genius) that when I want to move again eventually, I'll have to pay movers again to move this heavy beast (another $200 or something)... that means it's the right time to sell this one and get a new one.

If you know anyone who is in San Francisco and wants a Sony Wega Trinitron XBR KV-36XBR200 36 inch CRT TV in excellent condition, originally $1800 TV... for $100... please fwd my craigslist listing, thanks. I'm willing to take less than $100 if they can move it outta my ground-floor apartment.

Hopefully I can get rid of that in a week or two!!

The best movie soundtrack I've ever heard

So right after seeing Slumdog Millionaire a couple weeks ago, I went out to go buy the A.R. Rahman Soundtrack for it. THIS IS FRICKIN' AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been listening to it almost non-stop for the last week, it is so insanely awesome.

It's such a good fit for the movie too... amazing blend of hip hop, dance, and Indian themes... this is absurdly awesome. I think it's gonna definitely win best song at the Oscars (I think maybe "Jai Ho" over "O...Saya", they are both nominated for the same category)

This rocccccccks.

The Simpsons in HD!

Sunday will be the first time ever that The Simpsons is created/broadcast in HD!! Amazing!

They made a reaaaaaaaally wicked new opening for it too, check it out here. This ROCKS! I love how the TV they are watching is now an HDTV instead of the old pink CRT screen they've had for the last 19 seasons. :)

The Simpsons new main title

Friday, February 13, 2009

iMenorah 1.3 Released - fixes non-USA "international" crashes

iMenorah version 1.3 is now available on iTunes! Includes a bug fix for non-USA ("international") customers who were seeing a crash or the wrong number of candles.

Please stay tuned for details on our upcoming donation to the San Francisco Jewish Community Center.

For more details on iMenorah, see:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm moving!

Exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am moving soon!!!!!! This is really awesome, and I am so excited for my new place. It's really nice there, beautiful garden and nice and chill area, great neighbourhood and it's a really cool place. It's actually got a bedroom now rather than just a studio which is great, and... a.... DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing news 'cause washing up before/after/during my last Thanksgiving Party was near insane.

I'm planning when I'm going to move in, and how fast I should move my regular run-of-the-mill stuff compared to my furniture and other heavy stuff. More details soon, I am really excited for my new place!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

New Canon SLR, New Apartment?!

Pretty cool stuff going on lately.

I'm waiting for Feb 17th which is supposed to be the Canon announcement for the beginning of this year and it is quite possible they will be releasing the upgrade for the Canon Rebel XSi Digital SLR camera. This is siiiiiiiick cause I've been waiting to get my new camera and I really wanted to wait for this. If it's announced now then presumably it's for the PMA camera show which is March 3-5. So if it's announced next week, I guess that would mean it's available about 2 weeks after that. Pretty awesome stuff!

Tonight I looked at a new apartment, it is BEAUTIFUL. It is so nice, and I like it a lot. I really hope I get it! If so, it's going to be so relaxing there, the place is a lot quieter and a nicer area than where I am now... pretty amazing stuff. The place is amazing for many, many reasons. :) 1 bedroom (finally) so I can stop having my guests in the same room as I sleep in, i.e. less combined snoring and more sleep. The kitchen is newly remodeled, looks fantastic, the appliances are very new and it has a DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, that would have come in handy for the Thankgiving Party I had last year. The owner/building manager/landlord was so great, and you can tell that he takes a lot of pride in the building. He would be so excellent to talk to if there were ever any apartment problems. There's a great spot to store my bike, there's a shared laundry room but there are way less apartments than the complex I am currently in, so I bet it would work out great. The bathroom has a good ventillation/fan system in it, which is a big plus. It was an issue here in my current place that there's no way to get the moisture out of the bathroom other than opening the windows (which lets in the moist air from outside) ;) I LOVE the new apartment, and I should find out really soon if it's mine! Very awesome, this will be such a great change and will even encourage me to cook more at home since it has a super nice, big kitchen. I love it!!!!!!!! I really hope I get it!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Japan exchange rate is nuts!

I just looked into the exchange rate for USD to JPY and it's terrible. I am still potentially going to Japan and South Korea in December, but if the exchange rate it SO bad, it could have an effect on my trip and it might make more sense to delay it (or go somewhere different for this trip)?

Check this out:

So it's currently 1 USD = 92 Yen. This website talks about the "Purchasing Power Parity" which is basically what a currency "should" be so that prices would remain the same once you factor in the exchange rate. Anyhow it says that the PPP price of the Yen should make it so 1 USD = 120 Yen. I.e. you should be able to buy a lot more in that case. Therefore the USD is undervalued compared to the Yen, (the Yen is overvalued compared to the Dollar), and that's going to make a place that is already expensive even more expensive.

Anyway this is something to think about when planning my trip. It's only 3 weeks and hostels are going to be expensive, but still in the range of $50/night so it's not totally crazy. If it gets a lot worse or something, I could aim for somewhere else... after watching Slumdog Millionaire I would LOVE to go to India. Peru or Chile might be very interesting, and I've never been to South America. Or I could go back to New Zealand. Anyway just a couple ideas in case, but I'd like to stick with the plan to go to Japan and South Korea unless it's totally unaffordable.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

A few re-arrangements on the blog

Hey all,

A couple small re-arrangements on the blog here. I've moved around a few things, hid the extra Mike Jutan description, moved blog-specific links to the new Blogger "BlogRoll" gadget, and shuffled around the links section a bit. Any comments would be great, thanks!

Berserker Comic at NYC Comic-Con!

My buddy Nathan did the effects for this video. Awesome stuff! It's an announcement for a new comic series at NYC Comic-Con today. Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli from Heroes) is Producing.

Berserker Comic-Con launch video

Indian Coffee

Today was Indian food/music day in Jutan land. I went to Blue Bottle coffee today and got one of the last bags of "Balmadi Estate: Bindi" coffee beans they had there, from India. It smells awesome and they told me some cool stuff about how they grow and harvest the coffee, sounds crazy! Anyway it smells awesome and I am excited to try it out.

As well as this tasty coffee, I got the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack today, and MAN IT IS AMAZING. It's by the Indian composer "A.R. Rahman", who is very well known in India and also is obviously gonna win an Academy Award for this soundtrack - it's absolutely amazing and matches the portrayal of Mumbai in the movie SO well. That movie was reallllllly good, and the music play a really key role in the movie, too.

From (looks like this place in San Diego also imports it from India)
India Balmadi Estate: Ramanand & Bindi
Elan Organic Coffees imports a beautiful award winning coffee from the Balmadi Estate, situated in the Blue Mountains of Southern India, the Nilgiris District of the state of Tamil Nadu. It is part of the O'Valley group of plantations that were developed over 150 years ago by an enterprising Scotsman, John Ouchterloney. These plantations are also home to the mysterious Toda tribes.
Elan will be the first to import these coffees into North America! The Ramanand is washed and the Bindi is natural processed, both from the Balmadi Estate.
The Estate produces one of the highest grown coffees in India. Their coffee is nurtured by native shade trees, called Sholas. The producer plants according to bio-dynamics, learned from Rudolf Steiner of Germany. This agriculture method depends not only on the quality of the soil, but also the cosmos-movements of the sun, moon and planets. To maximize the effect of their inputs, the producer follows a bio-dynamic calendar for planting, harvesting and applying natural fertilizers. The Estate is surrounded by a forest in which sambhar, bison, deer, elephants, panther and monkeys roam freely. Every year, the producer plants more shade cover and adds many new varieties of trees, increasing biodiversity and sustainability.
The coffee has won the Flavour of India, Fine Cup Award 2004. for India's best Arabica coffee.

Altitude: 3600-5400 feet
Variety: Kent and Selection 795
Processing Method: Washed & Natural
Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
Species: Arabica
Harvest: November to January

Characteristics: full rich body, sweet acidity, citrus, caramel, apricot tones with a pleasant lingering aftertaste

Friday, February 06, 2009

My buddy Alex re-wrote the iPhone "Phone App" - and it ROCKS

CHECK THIS OUUUUUUUT!!! My buddy Alex in Toronto made a sick iPhone App which is a re-write of the "Phone" App for iPhone. It auto-dials a calling card for you, and it's a great integration with your pre-existing contact list!

Alex gave me 3 FREE App Codes (only valid in the USA - sorry Canadian homeys)

If you have an iPhone and call out of the USA often...
The funniest 3 responses to this post get a FREE AppStore code for my buddy Alexs new app: Alexceed's Connect.

Alexceed's Connect

- Automatically dial phone card for long distance numbers

- Allows you to call extensions with ease

- Allows multiple phone cards with multiple numbers

- View contacts by organization (companies)

- Tutorial link available within app

The app runs similar to the Phone app and can be used to dial any 

More details here:

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire

I JUST got home from the screening tonight of Slumdog Millionaire. Oh MAN it was SO GOOD. The story, the editing, the MUSIC (that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), just unbelievable.
I've hardly ever felt tension in a movie quite like when Jamal sees Latika the first time at the train station... (I won't give away what happens for those who haven't seen it)

Such an intense, epic story - like Tantalus in Greek mythology - but on such a sweet and beautiful personal level. Jamal is such a likeable character, you just want him to succeed SO much. His passion rivals that of Romeo talking about how the walls of the Capulets cannot keep love out, and the kinsmen are no stop to him. :)


The speed and confusion of Mumbai cross-cut with the relative calm of the "Who wants to be a Millionaire" set was very powerful, and the style of narrative was very different than the usual kind of movie that you see. This is not just a movie - it's a cinematic feat. Even being able to film such a movie at all is remarkable in it's own right, but to make a film this powerful and with this much passion... oh man it was amazing.

Strangely enough Slumdog Millionaire is the only one of the 5 Oscar Best Picture Nominated films that I've seen so far! Crazy. I am going to try to see Milk this week and hopefully get to see Benjamin Button soon too. But even though I haven't seen those other ones yet, I think it's gonna be pretty hard for anything to beat Slumdog Millionaire. It was so different than any other film you've seen in a long time, and everything in the film works in beautiful sync - the music, the sound effects, the editing, the direction and story... even the music offers a clash of cultures: classical Indian music mixed with fast-paced dance music and hip-hop. SO AWESOME. This soundtrack/musical score has got to win the Oscar, too. I think this one's in the bag for Best Director, Best Film... probably one of the Sound awards too. Amazing!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I love Tuesdays. Not just 'cause I've really gotten into the swing of the week at work and everything is awesome, but because Dominos has an absurd deal that gives you 2 large Pizzas, about 1 1/2 weeks worth of sweet, sweet Pizza (which still tastes glorious for lunches after being frozen) for about $15?!!!

So I love Tuesdays just 'cause I love weekdays. And weekends. But also because of the Pizza.

Oh, tax season, how awesome are you

I know I'm a huge nerd/dweeb/organizational powerhouse for actually getting my act together THIS EARLY and filing my taxes ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

You get all your tax forms by approx Jan 31st, so I figured... what am I waiting for?! They are due on April 15th, but if you wait that long it takes ages to actually get your taxes back. And this year I e-filed everything, and it's super awesome. Anyway I am totally psyched 'cause I never have any clue how much tax I get back, and I wasn't expecting much, but got a nice surprise!

Anyway, I love tax season, and it was fun to do my taxes (oh jeez, here come the Math student jokes) and anyway, great times. The money I get back is going straight into my Japan-trip savings account. I also love saving for cool stuff rather than spending my super hard-earned money on consumerist crap I don't need. Unfortunately any sort of direct money "stimulus package" from the government at tax time is going to result in me doing exactly what they don't want... saving it. I know the rebate last year was supposed to be a stimulus so people would "stimulate the economy" by buying stuff. I wonder with all the economic clouds forming last year if people actually spent any of it, or just paid off loans and put it directly into savings.

Well, another tax year, and another unexpected refund!!! Am I going to put it all on Red 3 in Vegas? Heeeeeeeeeeeecccccck no. And this, my esteemed homeys, is called "sound money management", something this country is unfortunately lacking in... TO THE MAX!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

iMenorah version 1.3 coming this week

Dear iMenorah customers,

If you downloaded iMenorah over the Chanukah holidays and your iPod Touch or iPhone's region was not set to US English - you will have had 1 of 2 problems:
  • A crash on startup
  • The incorrect number of candles being drawn during the nights of Chanukah
Please accept our apology for this bug. This was due to an unforseen bug due to date internationalization formatting with Apple's iPhone SDK. Today, Matt and I were finally able to get together and get it fixed. We apologize for the workaround you may have had to do to make iMenorah function correctly. Please be confident that this will work correctly over next Chanukah... anywhere you may be on the globe!

iMenorah version 1.3 will be released later on this week, following approval from the iTunes App Store.

Transformers 2 Superbowl Trailer!

Holy sweet damn. The Transformers 2 trailer is out!!!!!!!!!!

Transformers 2 Superbowl Trailer

Star Trek Superbowl Trailer

Amazing! Star Trek trailer out today at the Superbowl.

Star Trek Superbowl Trailer