Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mario Bros. Shoes

Back in March I bought the craziest shoes ever from Adidas. Today I was hanging out in The Mission District with Frank and Jess and I found these really sick Mario Bros. Nintendo-branded shoes, they are nuts. The original price turns out was $120, and looks like Run Athletics is going to re-release them... for $180?!?! Yep, I found 'em, in my size (they only had 1 pair in my size)... for $25. On a clearance rack. In the middle of some random store in the Mission. As is my luck, they fit magically, and it was pretty obvious that I should get these. Only later did I figure out I got them for about 1/7th of their expected selling price. Oh, good deals... you always seem to find me. :)

Anyway, they rock a LOT. They have a big "M" for Mario on the tongue, and a Nintendo logo on the back. The side are all Mario Stars and there are goombas and so on "afoot", as it were. Check it out. Yep, deeffffinnitely wearing these to work tomorrow.

I love the stars

They came with a cool Mario box too

Nintendo logo on the back!!

Even came with Nintendo wrapping!!


sasha said...
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sasha said...

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