Monday, September 28, 2009

Pike Place Market in Seattle, and general USA road trippin'

Just saw a friend's photos on Facebook of this place, it looks super awesome:

Note to self: go to Seattle, and go to this awesome looking market. I've been aiming to check out Seattle for a while, I guess the "coffee culture" is gonna instantly sell me on the awesomeness of the city. It sounds pretty Canadian-y too (kinda close to the border I guess - haha)?! Just in general I get the vibe that it's a lot like San Francisco too.

I think Seattle is definitely gonna be one of the next cities on the list of "Jutan mini-vacations" in 2010. Eventually gotta get to Washington, DC too and drive into Virginia. Seems like a good idea to make a pilgrimage to Charlottesville, VA (where Dave Matthews Band is from - yes, I'm a nerd), and would be cool to check out Nashville/Memphis... maybe go back to Texas?!

I want to make the most of being in the USA since it's so cool, and it seems like traveling a lot is probably a good idea. I'm not gonna go on any major trips next year (since Japan/South Korea is gonna be a really big trip this year), so I'll prob go for a few more of those 2-night or 3-night adventures like I did in Denver for my birthday this year. Yeahhh travel!

Also - why am I thinking so much about food/farmer's markets?! Well, food tastes pretty darn good after 26-hrs without it (Yom Kippur) :)

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