Monday, June 14, 2010

Japan/SoKor Day 19: Videos

Here are a couple videos from my first night in Suncheon. Lisa's cat Mokah was absolutely hilarious and a big talker. It took ages for me to get the cat to come and hang out, but this sure was a cute cat. We also wandered around Suncheon for some street food, and also took some pictures on the street of various dodgy nightlife options - "noraebongs" (karaoke rooms) where you can rent girls to come and sing with you in the karaoke booth, love motels, rampant copyright infringement (the Lexus Hotel - fancy!) and the like. I really didn't expect this kind of stuff in such a small town.

Mokah the hilarious cat

First we got some Ho-dok, a cinnamon-filled pancake which was absolutely awesome. Then we wandered the streets of Suncheon taking photos and wondering just why there were so many darn awkward and dodgy nightlife "establishments" in such a small (and I guess, not so innocent) town.

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