Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Movie Review: Ghost World

Wow, this was great. Really found the "whateevver" Clueless-style 90's attitude both hilarious and tiring (as was the director's intention, I bet!).

What an interesting story on the need for friendship and support. I was surprised that they ...made the main character Jewish, but (given her reactions to a jock who hassles her about it several times throughout the movie), her religion is just another thing about her that makes her different and continue to feel further separated from the crowd. "Always somewhat of an outsider looking in on American culture", as Harry Shearer discussed in a stage show I saw of his at the JCCSF last year. Thought that was an interesting thread.

Interesting as well that she spoke out against Racism when everyone around her wanted to ignore it or pretend it wasn't there. This further separated her from her peers but it seems to be one of the only decisions that she is truly happy about, given that most of her other actions are morally questionable.

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