Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attempted iPod Touch Screen Replacement

My old iPod Touch 2nd Gen stopped working when I was in Singapore so I thought I'd try a bit of DIY action today and try to replace the screen with a spare part screen/bezel/digitizer I bought on Amazon...

Using the "pry tools" to open the iPod was hard. The plastic bezel below the front of the screen was very fragile and kept cracking.

Finally got the screen off and the home button went flying

Careful, careful, careful! The digitizer ribbon is as fragile as thin paper, if you rip it, it's game over.

Got the crud cleaned out of the ipod and new screen attached...

And... unfortunately... it's still broken :(. I tried using a hair dryer to clean out any particles, I tried attaching and re-attaching the digitizer screen several times - it's still busted. It should have worked before I snapped it back down, but after attemping for 45 min or so, I decided to give up. It was a good shot, but it's probably the case that the logic board/motherboard is actually busted. In that case, I'm basically out of luck. This was going to be a gift, but I've got a new iPhone now so I'm set for myself - I was just hoping to give it away. Anyhow. Nice experience to try and replace it myself, and I guess if there wasn't a further problem I'd be in business.

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