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Iceland/France/Italy Day 7: Iceland to Paris

May 5, 2011
France Day 7: Iceland to Paris

We got up suuuper early at 5:30am to get rollin' and ready for our cab at 6am :) Our flight to Paris was at 7:40 and we also had to find Mom and Dad at the gate as they were just coming in from Toronto. In December when I was planning the trip, we set up a sort of Inception-like staged release plan for the flights. :) Since the flight price to Paris via Reykjavik on IcelandAir was so good, I booked Mom and Dad through Reykjavik as well. So after Norm and my week in Iceland, we were heading off to the airport to meet Mom and Dad at the boarding gate.

We got to the airport and there was a huuuge line, it was moving a bit but the trick was to go over to the computer checkin machines. Those lines were only 5 or 6 people long and it would print out your boarding pass and luggage sticker, and off you went to the baggage dropoff only, pretty awesome. We did that and then went through security and bought some Skyr and Smoked Salmon for Mom and Dad for breakfast. Then we met Mom and Dad in the terminal!!!! Hilarious!!! This was such a good plan and was already working out well. We had food ready and Mom and Dad looked tired and ready for a coffee. We boarded the plane together and the flight attendant lady recognized Dad's Lucasfilm sweater and also noticed my shirt which was also from work. "You were on the flight last week from Seattle!", she said. Haha so funny that she recognized me. "I saw 2 Lucasfilm shirts and figured you must be related."

And a few hours later, we arrived in Paris. I bought a SIM card so we could use the Orange cell phone I had bought back in 2007. We called Mr. Denis, the property manager for the place we were staying in Paris. He said we should call again when we get closer, so I was thankful to have the cell phone sorted out. We took the RER B train to Luxembourg and walked to our place from there. It was a bit of a schlep with all our stuff (and we made a couple of wrong turns until I realized I could use the compass on my iPhone!) but we got there eventually and had a nice view of the area on the way.

We checked into the place and it was sooo cool. Soooo French. We are staying on Rue Mouffetard, a popular Paris market street. There is a big blue door and you walk into it, away from the hustle and bustle of the street, and towards our awesome hidden apartment. Very cool. After lots of checkin details, we were all set, washed our faces and went out to explore a bit. There is a Franprix market right beside us which is perfect. We walked to the Jardin de Plantes and had some pastries there while enjoying the sun and architecture. On the way back, we saw the Amorino ice cream store on our street, the new competition to the famous Berthillion ice cream place. So we tried it immediately :) The passionfruit gelato was really good, a bit smoother and less tangy than I remember Berthillion being, but excellent in it's own right. We'll have to plan several more taste tests.

We walked back along Rue Mouffetard, taking in all the Frenchisms and trying a nutella crepe as well. The dinner choice was pretty clear as there was a rotisserie chicken and potato stand on the street and we bought that and some fruit for dinner. We bought some cheap Rose wine from the grocery store (like 3 Euros!!) and had a great dinner at "our" Paris apartment!! We have a lot of exciting things planned and it's going to be awesome here.

Egil's Appelsin on the plane and funny napkins
The HUGE feast we brought on the plane - cheese, leftover bread from the hostel, and a huge pack of Lox
We're in Paris! Arrived and walked to the Jardin de Plantes and ate some pastries.
Dad checking out the pay-per-hour city bike rentals
Well, we're definitely in Paris
Trying out Amorino, the "new kid on the block" competitor for Berthillion. We decided to test immediately to start the ball rolling on the official Amorino vs. Berthillion race for the best passionfruit gelato 2011. :)
Back at our glorious rental apartment, we got some chicken, potatoes and fruit for dinner.

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