Friday, April 19, 2013


Yo, stressful times, guess what... PEACE!!!!!!!!!

In the spirit of mindfulness I am taking off somewhere awesome for the weekend and I'm gonna enjoy the crap out of every minute. I'm not posting about it now (other than this) because the aim is to really chill out, enjoy a new place I've never been to before, explore the local nature, try some epic local food and activities, and just have fun.

Most importantly, this is a longer edition of my usual Saturday morning "digital Sabbath" where I (try, sometimes unsuccessfully) to turn my phone off for a few hours and just enjoy the world around me, this silly duck that swims near where I sit at the Ferry Building, and just notice all the great stuff and be grateful for the fact that I live in this awesome city and get to do awesome things all the time.

So this is essentially a longer version of this "disconnection". Rather than "disconnecting", I've heard some hippier folks call this "reconnecting" with nature. Whatever you want to call this, I call it a "great idea" ;) I am not going to meet up with people, I'm not going to call friends I know in this city (sorry, friends, and you'll find out later where I went... I'll be back another time when I don't need a mental break) and I'm just going to be very present in the moment and enjoy everything. This is key. The easiest and more intrusive way for me to be pulled out of the moment is to be constantly checking my phone or spending my usual hours on the internets. I do love that stuff, don't get me wrong, and it definitely has its place. But for this weekend, I need some time with my focus and thoughts and energy directly focused on every moment of direct experience. Here we go!!

As I posted on Facebook:
And off I go to an awesome undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest. Biking, nature, good food, fresh local produce... And no Internet or phone on purpose. 4 day mental re-energizing recovery weekend, commence! Ill post blog and photos after the trip, its gonna be fun and safe, but I promise to be out of contact for 4 days. It gonna be great :)

So yes, I will be taking the usual photos and writing a (paper) blog like I did in Peru, and I'll post all of that in the week or two after I get back. But while I'm over there, I'm gonna de-internet for a few days and try not to be so distracted.

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