Thursday, December 26, 2013

Batkid in Google Zeitgeist 2013 tribute video

Brave Batkid is again making waves and inspiring the world.

Google's stellar 2013 Year-in-review video recalls many of the most searched for, most important landmark moments of 2013 and reminds us what we searched for (and, by proxy, what our "collective imagination" was inspired by) in the past year.

From a news site:

"...For the grand finale, Google featured a young boy running behind Batman, his cape flying in the air. The song and video end as "Batkid" raises his fist in the air, proclaiming good will to the people of San Francisco. "Batkid" ranked 100 in the top worldwide searches on Google."

Well done Make-A-Wish, Miles and family, and all the many, many, many, many kindhearted and childlike people of San Francisco for setting an incredible example for the rest of the world of what is possible with a lot of hard work and the right mentality.

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