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China 2014 Day 10: Home

China 2014 Day 10: Home

We go back home today, after a super epic whirlwind-of-a-trip!

A Chinese Walmart!
Bullet train back to Shanghai
We got up at 5am (ugh!) but everything was super organized as usual. We headed for the bus and headed to the Nanjing Train Station, taking the bullet train back to Shanghai Hongqiao. That went by pretty quickly, chatting some and also getting a bit more sleep. We then took another bus to Pudong Airport. This was all easy and quick!

At Pudong, we grabbed some burgers for the plane, and also checked out the souvenier shops to spend the rest of our extra change.

Burger King for lunch, with lots of crazy options
Chicken wings at Burger King!
I picked up some cool souveniers at the store, and also some stuff to share with the office when I get back: Cola-flavoured Mentos, Green Tea Mochi, White Rabbit candies, and even some Milk Oolong tea. We headed onto the plane with our lunch (actually, breakfast), and off we headed back to San Francisco. Sweet. My parents will be there when I get back!! They are actually already visiting, they came in a couple days earlier while we were still in China, so they will be nice and settled and it'll be such a surprise to see them already in my place.

On the way home! SO psyched and sooooo happy from such an amazing trip

I am so excited to unpack and relax and go through all the photos! What an amazing whirlwind trip. We really did so many interesting things in such a short time, and made the absolute most of it all. I am so grateful to have been invited on this trip and to be able to celebrate the work success of "my successful spring!" I'm very proud of her and this trip was so awesome. This was actually our first international trip! Crazy! So that worked out super epically as well, as it seems we travel in exactly the same "do all the things!" format. Good... or shall I say, GREAT times :)

As I write this (the notes for this), we are just about back, and then we'll cab home and I'm keen to have a well-deserved cup of tea. :)

Here are some of the cool gifts and souveniers I got in China.

Cool stuff we got. White Rabbit milk candies, tea cups, paper cutting for Frank and Jess, Matcha mochi, and Green Pu-erh tea
The cool colour-changing tea frog with a coin in its mouth!
Bowl for Trotwood Monroe
My new tea set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cool pins, lots of candies, a bracelet for Frank, and lots more tea!
Shoes for me and shoes for Mom
All the ammmaazzing gifts we got. The slippers are epic! The fan says "Michael" on it!
Oh yeah. And also, I bought almost all the tea in China. :)
What a great trip!!!!!!!! Xie Xie!!!!!!!!
Mike Jutan :)

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