Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Batkid Begins: Classroom Study Guide by SFFS

The excellent "Schools at the Festival" program from the San Francisco Film Society put together this excellent PDF about Batkid Begins, with discussion questions and study topics for gradeschoolers (Grades 5-12). Excellent material for classroom use.

Check it out here:

My favourite part:
3) Describe EJ and Mike Jutan, the guys who play Batman and The Penguin.
• What kind of people are they?
• Are they like other adults that you know?
• In what ways are EJ and Mike like children?
• What can we learn from EJ and Mike about the relationship between childhood, play and creativity?

EJ had a hilarious comment about the third point: "I bet Sue and Michal have some good answers for that one" hahaha ;)

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