Monday, September 28, 2015

SpiderMable to the Rescue!!!

This is just so awesome and fantastic. I must say I *KNEW* it was going to be a Canadian city who would have so much heart and love to create the next Batkid-style wish day :) I am just overjoyed at seeing this story.

In true Canadian style, the most important person in town is the Captain of the hockey team... and so when he was kidnapped, Spider-Mable had to spring into action!! Totally incredible ziplining at the West Edmonton Mall, the Edmonton Police Department in full support and totally involved in this magical day... oh man. I just love it.

Congratulations to Edmonton, and I must say, I am very proud of my homeland to have pulled off another amazing, intricate, uplifting day for a young child. Well done, and the SFBatkid team salutes you!

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