Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Dana and Kurt interviewing on Netflix's

Check out this fantastic interview on Netflix's

The esteemed Kurt Kuenne and Dana Nachman interviewing at Netflix this week to talk about Batkid Begins now available on Netflix's DVD service.

It really warms my heart hearing the words that Kurt says here about the purpose of the film -- it represents exactly what I felt was one of the most important dialogues in the film: the "why". We could have just let the day happen and that would have been perfect and achieved Miles' wish.

But once it became more than just that day, and a moment of the world paying attention, the creation of this film was "the extra mile". A documentary became the best way of "sharing it" and talking and telling people why it matters -- this has a lot of power to make volunteering a more enticing thing for people to do.

This, ultimately, is how we can all help make the world a kinder place. I am still blown away that Kurt and Dana so beautifully carried this message for the world to see. I am eternally grateful for their care with this story and this message. Let's see if we can't just fix a few things on this planet while we're here.


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