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Honeymoon Day 7: Exploring Montreux

Honeymoon Day 7: Exploring Montreux

Brekkie again this morning. So epic. The location and the food are both equally stunning. Learning well from my previous visit here, I started with a huge plate of fruit first: mango, passion fruits, grapefruits and prunes! I also got a nice large bowl of the amazing porridge they had there too. As we were enjoying this epic breakfast it started snowing very lightly and also the day was much clearer than previous days were. Apparently snow in Montreux is slightly unusual?!

Again I went crazy on the passionfruits as well as the grapefruits and prunes in vanilla bean sauce. The view was AMAZING this morning.

Our amazing breakfast spot!

That meat stuff is, amazingly, a sort of Swiss beef dried meat! Charcuterie always seems to be pork, so was pretty surprised to get to try this. It was awesome.
Round 2 of the passion fruits and prunes and grapefruits. And some smoked salmon, for good measure.
Lots of other food was amazing too. I got a funny breaded turkey thing, smoked duck, and "Italian Dry Beef". And then, of course, more passion fruits :) The service is insanely good here, my plate must have only been empty for 5 sec, and they cleared it and brought me new cutlery. I also had a coffee poured earlier and hadn't drank it for a while, "Your coffee must be too cold now, I will bring you a new one". And warm milk!!

It seemed a good idea to take a video with such an incredible view of the mountains and the light snow this morning. What an awesome spot.

After an excellent and large brunch, we walked into Montreux to go explore some more. We found some funny things at the shop including funny hot water bottles with sweaters on them!

Our balcony
Cuckoo clocks
Swiss Army Knives
A water bottle with a sweater on it!!
Fancy "Santa Hat" cake
NEVER seen this before, an All you can Eat Subway! Who needs 4 footlong sandwiches in one meal?!
We continued a casual wander through Montreux to see some of the things they were taking down from the Christmas Market and New Years Celebrations. We walked past the Montreux Lac which was pretty nice. It would have been awesome to catch the Christmas Market here but I was glad we got to see some of the remaining decorations in Zurich at least!

"Fairmont Fit"

After a while of being outside, we came back to the hotel and borrowed the "Fairmont Fit" gym clothing (shirt, shorts, shoes) for working out. This was great, and we actually went to the gym! And did real exercise! And plenty of time for a sauna as well.

Next up, we headed to a local cinema spot called "Hollywood Cinemas" and were greeted with a fancy hanging Spider-Man. Our movie of choice tonight was called "A Monster Calls", a movie Matt had recommended and had seen a few months before at work. It was an amazing movie, insanely sad! Probably not the best choice for a romantic trip... but it was still so good. And Michal always really likes going to movies or concerts in foreign countries, so that was definitely a fun local experience.

We finished the movie and headed back to the hotel to prepare for dinner at MP's - a fine dining restaurant in the Montreux Palace. There was no corkage (sweet) so we brought down some wine we got as a welcome gift. It was actually "Fairmont Montreux Palace"-branded wine! Everything there was excellent. We started with tasty bread and butter with herbs and it was glorious.

Next up it was right to the main course. I got a rack of lamb with Chimichurri sauce. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to eat it after eating the initial main piece or how best to eat it.  "I guess I'll just cut into the chops and eat it like beef ribs, right?!" Uncultured?! Ha. No one scoffed at me, so I presume I didn't make too much of a fool of myself :)

Michal got a nice, aged Swiss beef, "Gentleman's Cut". It was a great evening dinner spot and so fancy. We had a great time. For dessert Michal got a chocolate brownie with peanut butter sorbet, and for the other amazing dessert we got these famed Grand Marnier crepes that they lit on fire :) I caught a video just as they started to make the same dessert for another group -- specially made and served with Grand Marnier. Sooo good.

We enjoyed our excellent dinner and chatted nicely with the waitress who was serving us. She said her and her boyfriend were saving up to travel to the US and were pretty excited about New York City -- but were concerned about going to a place that was too hectic. We chatted for a bit and I think we convinced her to visit California/San Francisco on her next USA trip instead of NYC. :)

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