Monday, October 16, 2017

How to help the NorCal Fire Victims

The last week has been horrific here in the Bay Area, with the news on non-stop reporting terrible stories of people losing their homes, and even their loved ones, to the fast and far-spreading fires that have ripped through the Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma and Northern California region.

I've personally been keen to help in some way, but keep hearing reports that the shelters are already full and don't need any more clothing or food donations. Thankfully, support efforts are super organized and there are some great resources here to figure out what you can personally do to help. Yes, some organizations are full of clothing and supplies but still need monetary donations, some still need supplies, and some prefer Gift Cards they can distribute to evacuees. There is also info here on how and where your volunteer help would be well appreciated.

Lots of info here:

A very organized and kept-up-to-date Google Doc from the Petaluma Fire Dept here with info on which shelters need monetary donations, who needs gift cards instead of clothing, etc.

On there I learned some really cool stuff, like the well-known Food Truck event organizer "Off the Grid" has a GoFundMe page where they've already raised $30,000 and are feeding evacuees and first responders with Food Trucks already. Awesome idea.

More here:

To all the evacuees and victims of this horrible natural disaster: may the kindness and compassion of your neighbours and strangers -- your fellow human beings -- bring you hope and peace in this madness.

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