Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Virtual Production of The Mandalorian, Season One

Guess what?? The Mandalorian was [mostly] filmed indoors... there is NO on-location work done for this show. *mind-blowing sounds ensue*

This is the crazy new way of making movies and TV that I've been working on here at ILM as part of the StageCraft Virtual Production Engineering team for the past 5 years!! The talent and inventiveness and sheer badassery of everyone who touched this project is yet another reason why working at ILM rocks so much.

Check it out!!!!!!


Apxfndr said...

My mind blew up. Of course I'd expect nothing less from you Mike. Keep up the incredible work. Thank you.

Apxfndr said...

Honestly this gave me chills. I feel like I saw this near square one as my son, Master Will, fought Kylo Ren in your "lab". You did it. Thank you for your contribution to our family and the future of film making. We still talk our day with you often. We are all well and thriving. Thank you.

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