Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lunch with Pete Docter and Cars DVD

Last week was so overly exciting with my on stage skit with John Lasseter and meeting Darren Aronofsky that I thought I'd leave this other exciting story for now. At the end of last week we (the Interns) had lunch with Pete Docter, the director of Monsters, Inc!!!!!!!!!!!

This is awesome for at least 30-40 reasons, but the best is that Monsters, Inc is, in my opinion, the awesomest Pixar movie, therefore making it the awesomest movie of all time. :) Pete sat down at lunch, looked over at me and said, "Hey Mike! How's it goin'?!" and yes I almost fell out of my chair. What a week it was last week!!!!!!!!! :) We learned lots about early versions of Monsters, Inc and so on and it was really very interesting and amazing. Pete Docter is definitely a genius (and a legend) :) It is actually pretty freakin' unbelievable that we got to have lunch with him and like just "hang out" with a filmmaker who we all greatly respect and whose work we all admire. Amazing!!

In other news, my buddy Alex Finlayson from Canada is coming up here soon and that is going to rock the house. We have like a bazillion things planned, we are going to see some friends and hang out around here and go to a few different companies and tours that Alex wanted to go on. Should be fantastic.

Oh yeah other cool news is that the Cars DVD comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to watch it again like 1000 times. Ohhhhh man that part in Radiator Springs at night with the neon light shaders and the insanely sweet Raytracing, mannnnnn it looks sooooooooo aweessoome!!! :) I really liked that part and the waterfall was just fantastic too. That movie is sweet.

I ordered a whole bunch of copies so hopefully that will cover most of my friends who wanted a copy of it. :)

In other news I just watched a couple scenes from Curb Your Enthusiasm last night on YouTube. Man that is hilarious, I think the Interns might rent it and watch it, it looks totally nuts. I haven't really seen Curb Your Enthusiasm before since it's on HBO and we don't get that here, but it seemed like it was pretty super insanely funny. Good times!!

Alex ordered a really awesome new MacBook Pro, it'll probably be delivered soon so I am pretty excited to see it.

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