Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dave Matthews Band TOMS Shoes in the hiz-house!!!!!

Got my DMB-designed TOMS Shoes today!! They are SUPER cool. I love the Firedancer logo on the top (that is the sort of "official" Dave Matthews Band mascot) - it's a really cool design too cause the Firedancer logos are all inside of the shoes too.

The main reason to buy these is not just that they look awesome, but because of their social benefit - read more here in a previous post. Go TOMS!!

I didn't realize that these ones were even more hippy than the usual TOMS, I think these are the TOMS "Vegan" line, and they are made out of 77% Hemp and 23% Recycled Plastic Bottles! Super cool. They are really comfortable and they look awesome, and I'm kinda psyched about the Enviro-Goodness too...

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