Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Matt's Bachelor Party

Matt's getting married this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a celebration for him, Orion and I partied with Matt for a good 14 hours on Saturday afternoon, evening, and early morning. Awesome times! :)

Starting off early at the Beach House

Wings and Beer, the usuals

Matt is a very focused pourer



Then it was off to a Go Karting place in the South Bay!! This was super awesome, and they made us wear these funny hats

We loved the hats


More silly photos with the hats on

Matt and I are always prepared for a career in 80's techno music videos

Ready to race!!

Getting helmets



Awesome tracks, we did both of them. We did laps first on the "Monza" track, and then did a race with 2 other guys on the "Yokohama" track. Awesome times.

About to start the race

Haha, Matt DOES look weird wearing a hat!!

Matt chillin' in the ONLY parking spot in North Beach

La Trappe for dinner, great food, good fancy Belgian Beer. We also tried Ephemere Apple Beer from Canada!!

Dinner time

Then, we drove to Soma and hit up "Mighty" an electronic/dance club. It was sweet.

After that, we drove around for a bit and found something open...

Breakfast food at 3am!! Great times. :)

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