Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home Theatre Update: Surrounds

I bought my surrounds tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is GREAT.

I was looking at a bunch of Paradigms but out of nowhere these B&W LM1's came up on Ebay, and at a really good price. They usually go for $175 each new (so $350-$400 for the pair), and the ratings online were really good (despite them not being made in England). The guy selling them was selling another B&W speaker and some McIntosh amps, so I know I am in good hands. $150 for the pair! A little pricier for surrounds than I was going to pay, but I was looking at some junk Sony ones, and some better Paradigm ones, coming in at at least $100, so this is pretty good to get these for $150.

Despite being tiny, they actually take up to 100W signal, which was unexpected. The reviews are really solid, and a lot of people said they paired them as rears with the 602S2 (which is what I am planning on doing!)

SO FRIGGIN EXCITING. I now have 3 things on the way: Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray player, B&W LM1 surrounds, and a B&W LCR 60 center channel. This is awesome. The only things left to get are the L/R main speakers, and the amp. I've picked out the amp and I'm just waiting for it to go on sale, and the mains I need to get a reasonable price on Ebay before I flip the switch. Otherwise, I'm ready to frickin' rock!!

I was considering what I'd use to demo my system and test it out and tweak the speaker positioning. Immediately, the idea of buying the Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live at Radio City Music Hall concert Blu-ray came into mind. Something funny I read on Netflix tonight was a review for that specific concert film in Blu-ray (I know they have a SICK 5.1 recording of it):
"A must have for any blu-ray owner. Uncompressed audio and stunning visual presentation. Don't rent it, just go buy it. You WILL show off your system with this."
Hilarious... and so true. :)

Some helpful reviews:

So... hot. Love that the tweeter sticks out and they have their own grilles. So frickin' awesome.

With grille off

Cool swivel brackets

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Unknown said...

Great set! Are you still using these, though? I have been using my surround sound for quite some time now. I just can’t remove it without getting a replacement. I know you’ll agree when I say that it completes the environment. -->Louisa Hemstreet