Thursday, April 01, 2010

Home Theatre Update: Mains

Frickin' sick. I've now got my rears (haha), my center channel, my blu-ray player, and as of tonight... my mains!!!!!!!!!

This (other than the center channel) is probably the most important choice of my system and I couldn't be happier with the result.

I ended up getting the B&W DM602 S2 speakers on Ebay. These were given a great review by British audiophile magazine "What HiFi" back in 1999 when they were released. As can be the case with speakers, being "old" doesn't necessarily mean it's worse than buying a new model... in fact it can be much better. I was reading some reviews comparing the current-model B&W 685 to the older DM602 S2 or S3 and most people commenting said they only noticed minor differences, pros/cons for both. Overall it sounds like the 602 is a hard speaker to beat! I was also aiming for a pair of DM 601 S3's on Ebay which would have been nice too, cosmetic-wise... Since I got the LCR 60 S3 for my center channel, a matching series 3 speaker would have looked exactly the same with the grills off. But the S2 model is pretty close (cosmetically-speaking), and I'll probably be running them with the grills on anyway, so who cares, really. :) This is gonna sound AWESOME. I'm also happier to go with the 602 rather than the 601, given the choice. The main woofer is a little larger, and I should get a little heftier bass on these ones which is nice cause I'm not buying a subwoofer at the moment.

Attesting to B&W's quality, these 11 year old puppies sold to a happy Mike Jutan for about 58% of their original purchase price - not a bad re-sale value for the seller! And a pretty sweet deal for me too, actually. Sweet resale value... this is truly the Honda Accord (or maybe more like the Acura TSX) of speakers ;)

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