Saturday, July 03, 2010

Japan/SoKor Wrap Up

On arriving back on Jan 5th, I was super happy to get back home after a 10 hr flight and customs. After not sleeping much on the overnight plane, it was 9am or so when I got back to my apartment and (this is crazy), I had a shower, and went STRAIGHT TO WORK!!!!!!! I know, I'm insane. I had lots of emails to read, and thankfully it was a pretty slow-moving day, which was good. :) I was super jet-lagged, but it was good to force myself back into a regular routine right off the bat.

What an amazing trip. Unpacking took me a few days, and my bag was literally 50% gifts. :) I have so many great stories and memories from this trip. I was so excited to retroactively blog these stories, and a selection of my 26 Gb/3300 photos and videos!! I am so happy and pleased with the trip, but as always after a long trip, it's nice to be back home.

I made a deal to myself: no airports, bus stations, or trains for a while! Haha. But, as you might expect, I'm definitely excited for my next big adventure.

Thank you so much for reading about my trip, for your interest, and for you kind comments. This blog has been a reminder and refresher for me about all the fun I had on my trip, and I really appreciate all the keen readers. Just as my buddy Kurt Phillips inspired me to take this trip, I hope I've inspired you to bust out of your usual day-to-day, take a risk, and jump into an unexpected adventure halfway around the world.

Japan and South Korea were awesome, and life is "SUGOI!"
Mike Jutan :)

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