Thursday, July 29, 2010

Submitting cottage video for Google/YouTube's "Life in a Day" contest

Alrighty! Wish me luck...

I'm submitting all the random footage from our cottage trip up to Christian Island, Ontario (with a stack of my awesome high school buddies) to the Google/YouTube's "Life in a Day" contest. If our entry is picked by Ridley frickin' SCOTT and Kevin friggin' Macdonald (that would be INSANE!!!!!!!!?!?!??!), we'd be given co-director credit and the film will be shown at Sundance. This is a longshot, by far, of course. But I would literally run around the world with excitement if we even hear anything positive back from the filmmakers. :) We had an amazing weekend and we had fun filming some of our random conversations while we reminisced about where we are now, and where we've come from. Here's hoping for some life-changing great news ;p

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