Saturday, August 06, 2011

Getting ready to start new website design

I just bought RapidWeaver and the Avante theme from WeaverThemes and I'm gonna get rolling on my new website pretty soon. It's looking more and more obvious that you pretty much have to buy the Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver for quick and solid website development. I also want an RSS feed and it looks like the easiest way to add one in is just to buy Stacks and then buy another RSS ticker stack to add into it. The point of going this way was really to minimize any coding I'd have to do so I could focus solely on content and knock out a nice-looking professional website in only a few weekends of work.

I've sketched out the rough plan for the site and the general navigation, I'm pretty happy with the plan and I think it's gonna look sharp in this new theme, just gotta find enough time to work on it! I'll probably start tomorrow just getting set up and making empty pages and navigation, and then once that's rolling I can start adding content and preparing banner images, photogalleries, and so on. This is gonna be sweet!!

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