Thursday, August 04, 2011

More Mac stuff (and Trampoline Volleyball with one of my heros)

Tonight I had a glorious time jumping at the House of Air bouncy trampoline gym with fellow 826 Valencia volunteers and it was a time of super awesome epic glory. I had an amazing time and played an excellent game of trampoline dodgeball with Dave Eggers!!

This is one for the history books. I even got a chance after the event to chat with him a little about the stuff Matt and I have done at 826 so far and what we are planning next, and he was so positive and supportive. He is so insanely inspiring and awesome, it really makes me want to do more and more and MORE for 826. I love that place and I really love Dave's obvious passion for making a difference. What an awesome fellow and I really have to read the next book in line from him on my "to-read" list. So I jumped on a trampoline with one of my heroes tonight... just another run-of-the-mill kinda day, eh? I think NOT.

Anyhoo, back to reality, I came home via Frank's and walked through the Presidio fog with him, that was fun and then I went on too loud and long about how awesome 826 is and one of his neighbours nearly came out to tell us to be quiet. Whoops. My damn overexcited Canadian-ness!

I got my KVM switch at work today which is frickin' sweet. This little puppy allows me to plug in mouse/keyboard and speakers and share them between both my desktop as well as my new Mac Mini. This is great as I can have just one keyboard/mouse/speakers plugged in and hitting Scroll Lock twice on the keyboard signals to this device to switch to control the other computer. Fantastic. I fiddled for a while, trying to plug in a USB hub instead of the keyboard and mouse straight, realizing eventually that the mouse could be plugged in via USB hub but the keyboard had to be directly connected, guess so it can control the switch with the hotkey press or something. That was a good try anyway. In the process I learned that the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 (awesome camera that I've got) doesn't really have driver support on Mac anyway, so I don't really need to share it between the systems anyway. After a bit of work it's looking like I'm just gonna share keyboard, mouse and speakers and that's just fine. Works like a charm.

Finally, I also realized I was still using WiFi on the Mac Mini. I scrounged around in my tub 'o cables and found an old Cat5 cable to use so I plugged the Mac Mini into the router directly for faster internet. Woo!

I'm now completely done with the machine setup, I should probably clean up the cable mess a bit but otherwise it's looking good and working like a charm. Awesome times. Busy day today getting back into the swing of things at work after being off for a few days, but a great day and what an experience tonight, that was so fun. Also psyched to really start rockin' on the Mac now that I've got all the hardware setup squared away.

What's new? Doesn't look like much, but it suuuure is...

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