Friday, September 16, 2011

New sunglasses

Thanks to my care for my eyes, the eye doctor said I still don't need glasses at all. I'm a very slight bit near-sighted but not nearly enough for a prescription. So I got some new cool sunglasses today.

They are really epic and from the Ray-Ban "Tech" collection. They have crazy awesome carbon fiber frames!!! They are so cool. I'm excited and it's a good reward for taking care of my eyes by not overdoing the computer time in the evenings after long days at work :) So apparently long hours on the computer add to eye strain, but would not necessarily make you need glasses sooner... but I'll take the compliment anyway and keep up these good habits of taking breaks and so on. Good times.

Also, man these glasses are so badass. The doctor asked me if I still had my previous sunglasses and I said, "Of course! I've never owned a fancy pair before and I took good care of them." She was impressed and said most people break them or lose them - ?!?!? Surprising. Anyway, I took the opportunity to get a new pair for fun, and I really like them. They didn't have the polarized version of these, but my Wayfarers from last time are still in excellent shape so I've still got a nice polarized pair for when I'm driving.

Carbon-Fiber style box, haha cool
Haha, the case looks like Carbon Fiber too
These are awesome
I picked them cause I really liked the blue frames

Image of glasses from the Ray-Ban website

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