Monday, September 26, 2011

TEDx Prep: Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation

As part of my TEDx prep I've been watching a LOT of TED videos and picking out some really effective ones and studying them a lot. I have a lot of prior experience with public speaking, but the TED stage is very large (and frankly, pretty damn intimidating!) When you see a speech like this though, WOW. It just makes you want to work even harder and do the best job you can. I watched this speech by Dan Pink on the nature of motivation and... WOW. His speech style is just astronomically better than most of the TED talks I've seen. Looking at the details about him on - he was Al Gore's speech writer. :) I don't think I'll ever have speech writing or speaking skill to hold a candle to Dan Pink, but wow, am I ever impressed and motivated by his abilities. Fascinating. More videos to come as I keep burning the midnight oil...

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