Friday, January 27, 2012

Not much blogging lately

Wow, just realized I haven't done much blogging this year so far. Pretty crazy.

Let's see, what's been going on. Well a few things: Waterloo posted an awesome alumni article about me which was super kind and very encouraging. Then they sent me a sweet-ass free Waterloo hoodie. Talk about epic win.

What else. I've finally started watching the show "How I Met Your Mother" after literally years of my bro Alex telling me I should watch it. It was so freakin' awesome that I watched 6 seasons on Netflix in about 9 days, which is probably most of the reason why I haven't been blogging.

Also: work is busy (and awesome). And I'm starting to get researching for my trip to Peru/Brazil/Argentina this spring - it's going to be a fantastic trip.

Oh! Big news. I've been going hard at the gym on cardio training (elliptical, specifically) as well as eating much more carefully at home over the past few months. I've been making healthier dinner, trying out a few recipes, making my lunch sometimes and also buying dinner out or ordering in much, much less. This combination is all helping me lose weight in preparation for our Inca Trail hike in Peru this May. It's going to be such an awesome time and I really want to make sure I enjoy it as much as possible - so it's been a good motivator to get my act together and actually make some good changes to push me towards the weight loss goal. Good times. I'll be posting more as that progresses.

I've got another interesting lecture (or possibly 2!) coming up in the next few months. Once they are public I'll send out the details about them.

Oh, and it's tax time! That's always fun (no, seriously, I actually like it - although it's probably because I usually get a positive return) :)

I joined Twitter recently and I think that might be stealing some thunder from my blogging as well, I'm not sure. In any case I'm finding I don't have as much time for it as I used to, but maybe it's also because I just want to use it for different things now. This blog has definitely turned more into a "technology I like" and a "trips I've been on" blog. Hope you all continue to enjoy reading it in any case. :)

Mike :)
PS We're getting dangerously close to 2000 posts. I'll have to post something cool for the 2000th one!

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