Sunday, January 15, 2012

Prof. Larry Smith's mind-blowingly awesome TED talk

My unbelievably EPIC Economics Professor Larry Smith spoke at TEDxUW last November. I thankfully managed to catch the talk on the live stream and it really gave me the confidence to "just be Jutan" during my own talk the week later, given how "Larry" this amazing talk truly is!

Larry Smith was my Econ 101 and 102 Professor at Waterloo and I don't think I've ever had a teacher that good - ever before, or ever again. His conviction and passion and skill on the stage is unmatched. It was so cool to see his performance in the short TED format and this is just a total knock out of the park. It instantly shot up my list of favourite TED talks. I just watched this again now for the first time since November, and it's just so, so, so, so great. What a great message, and what an amazing way to say it. At the end of the talk when he is speaking very softly... I bet you were hanging on every. single. word. I know I was!

Watch it, and share it. This is so damn good.

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