Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Ohhhhhhhhhh mercy I just did my first fitness class at our work gym today, it was a 45-minute "ab blaster" workout, and man, my abs sure have been blasted! I figured a fitness class was going to be a straight-up walk in the park given the hiking and strength training and running I've been doing lately... man was I wrong!! It was a ton of hard work and I was sweating like a Canadian in 42C/100% Humidity Singapore (see my blog posts from Nov 2010, haha)

It was AWESOME though, and so fun to try a new kind of exercise. Thanks to my friend Jess for getting me to come with today, it's awesome. I am definitely gonna do more of this.

BTW- an aside - after getting back from Peru I've noticed my weight has really stabilized at the current level. That's good, but I really wanted to lose more... I think this is my body saying, "You're pretty close to where you need to be"... but I still think I can push it more. I need to make sure I'm still being very careful of food choices every day, and I think I need to push the cardio back up to 5 days a week solidly again. I hope to post more positive "I've lost more weight!" posts soon, but I'm also getting solidly into strength training now which will increase my muscle. That's awesome BUT it makes the weight number on the scale very confusing - if it goes up it might mean more muscle increase and change in body composition, not "I'm being lazy and eating too many calories per day". Crazy! So I'm gonna keep focusing on the good habits and turn it up another few notches, as well as measuring my body fat percentage again this week and use that as a guide.

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