Sunday, July 29, 2012

Google Fiber: please come to San Francisco!!!!

Wow, this is super badass.

Google's new Google Fiber network, starting up first in Kansas City. Speeds of 1 Gbps which is 100x faster (or so) than current-gen average broadband speeds. Ridiculous. This is amazing.

We've been desperate for a real jump in Internet Speed for a long time now, I've been rockin' the same basic download and upload speeds for the past 10 years at least. It's exciting to see this on the way, and I'm hoping it gets to San Francisco sooner than later. Only $75 a month? Would really be worth it at that cost, given that it will completely change your TV experience I suspect. With bandwidth like that, high-resolution video and audio would be much more easily streamable than they are today (I do get a fair amount of buffering streaming from Netflix on Comcast here in San Francisco area, and that's not even using 5.1 sound yet).

Anyway this is pretty amazing technology and I like the way they are rolling it out too. Next step... please come to SF!!! We want you, epic Fiber internet!!!!!

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