Saturday, September 22, 2012

Male sculpture: Class 1

It's still way too thin (needs a lot more clay!!) but this was the result of only about 2.5 hrs of work on the beginning of a male sculpture I am doing now in my sculpture class.

I'm feeling some progress already since this is most pieces "sketched" out, and this was only 1 class (of 4, though I am going to miss one of them). This was also without a model, just working from an image and using another sculpture as reference.

So I'll only spend another 6 hrs or so on this one, but excited to see if it is similar quality at the end with my female model since it'll be my 2nd one :)

I'm pretty happy with it so far. I like the shoulders and back so far, and spent a bit of time on the chest as well. Proportions are totally off and it needs a lot more "mass", but it feels like a good place to go from.

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