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Peru/Brazil/Argentina Day 23: Shopping, Ice Cream, and Steak

May 25, 2012
Argentina Day 23: Shopping, Ice Cream, and Steak

Our great travel buddy Alicia's birthday is today, so first things first, sent a quick happy b-day email. :) We were up at 9:30 and I washed some dishes and sorted out laundry. We discussed plans for the day and then headed out on the subway about 11. While waiting there, we met a couple from California who were really helpful and had great shopping advice! The subway was awesome and super easy.

We got to the Malabia stop and walked to the famous Murillo St, the leather clothing shopping area. We were a bit worried that things would be closed due to the holiday, but turned out that most things were open. Walking into a bunch of shops to check out cool leather jackets, we found tons of cool stuff! The prices were higher than I expected, but still some amazing deals to be had. I tried on lots of jackets and most I didn't like: too shiny, a weird suit collar, stretchy cuffs or waist, too long, too short, too tight, too schlumpedic. We tried a few more in one store with a nice older lady who was commenting on how we looked. She called me "Nino" and called Jess "Barbie" haha.

After a while of searching for an awesome leather jacket, I found an AMAZING "Rocketeer"-style one... I had really wanted a brown one ("Stephen Spielberg-style!") Jess liked a sleeker black leather jacket at the famous Murillo 666 store, one of the main shops. I really liked this Rocketeer one that was at a place called Reza Duro, an offshoot of the Murillo 666 brand. After trying so many things on, we figured we'd just come back later to maybe get them after pondering for a while. We learned that "En Effectivo" means "Cash Price", and you can often get some money off for paying cash.

Random burger for lunch
After lunch we went to Aguirre, another outlet street. We tried to find the specific Christian Dior outlet but it was small and crappy, so we kept walking and eventually found another Eqqus, which seemed like a common suit store chain. I tried on a 1300 Peso Christian Dior suit (approx $280 USD), but it was not that great. "Well, it looks like a suit!" I said to Frank. It was ok but not amazing.

The suit search continued. We went to another store, where I tried on a YSL "Classic Fit" suit which was very old-man styled, square shaped, and looked like a $500 version of a Goodwill suit. Meh. Then they suggested I try a suit by a company called Le Bon Marche... it was immediately different. A beautiful fit. It was a slim fit style, so a lot more modern looking, and had really soft material for the pants which felt very well-made. Awesome!

Where we bought our suits in Palermo!
We headed off to another Le Bon Marche store, and the guys there were very cool and helpful. They gave us 10% off for cash price! Awesome. We spent an hour trying suits on and they were really great. I tried on a pinstripe first, and then a plain black one. The size 50 (these are European sizes, I think) was a little tight, but the 52 was perfect. I will do tailoring at home instead of here. After trying on several, I went with the black suit. We went to get cash and then came back and Frank and I both bought the same suit!! So amazing!!!!

Our awesome new suits!
Frank enjoying the tree-lined awesome
I headed back to Reza Duro, and asked them to hold the Rocketeer jacket for me while I went back to Murillo 666 to try on another one I was thinking of getting. Back at Murillo 666, the black jacket which looked pretty slick had sleeves that were way too long. So back we went again to Reza Duro and I bought the Rocketeer/Spielberg jacket!!! Jess got an awesome jacket too.

Then it was time to head for dinner. We went to La Cabrera steak restaurant for their 40% off tourist happy hour... conveniently at 7-8pm, the "normal" eating time for anyone not from Buenos Aires. We walked in and saw our friends Ben and Sarah there from Iguazu Falls!!

Jess and the hugest and tastiest steak ever
This thing was insane
I got a "Medium" 400gr steak (about 14 oz), while Frank and Jess shared am 800gr steak (about 28 oz!!!) The biggest steak ever!!! The sauces were just fantastic, and the wine was also 40% off!! What a deal!! This was so amazing.

After dinner, we really needed to work down the food, so we went for a nice wander, walk, and worked down our food. And then... more eating!

Ice Cream, of course!
We saw Persicco! The other Ice Cream place my friend from BA said we should try out. I got Mango, and a Chocolate Persicco flavour. It was amazing, but I think Volta might be the winner of the award so far for best ice cream.

Whew that was a lot of shopping and eating today! Back home we went for a fernet and coke again! So weird and good/bad. :) After a long day, it was time for a quick Skype and sleep.

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