Sunday, November 18, 2012

Peru/Brazil/Argentina Wrap Up: Memories

June 2, 2012
Peru/Brazil/Argentina Wrap Up: Home and Gifts

We've been back home a few days, unpacked and everything is back safely. I downloaded and looked at some photos, SO awesome :) I had a second to take some photos of the cool gifts and house stuff I bought while in South America!

Thinking back on the trip, there are such great memories. At the end of a trip like this, it sad that it's wrapping up, but at the same time it's always so nice to be home, to have nice warm showers with water pressure, toilets with a consistent sanitary standard (assuming you stay away from downtown public bathrooms or train/bus station ones, ha), tap water that you can drink without it destroying your insides, cab drivers that at least follow *some* traffic laws... :) haha.

All these crazy things though are also what makes it so great to travel. Silicon Valley always talks about "disrupting" an industry... how about "disrupting" your own life? It's gloriously wonderful to throw yourself out of your comfort zone, experience culture and food and the magical nature of foreign countries... each moment opening your senses to something new, something unexpected, something you never could have dreamed of. Calling back to our man Dr. Seuss in "Oh the places you'll go" - all these moments while traveling won't be perfect, some things will be less fun, some things will be hard, some moments will downright suck and you'll just wish you were back home. But those moments give you perspective for those glorious travel highs, where you are taking it all in, enjoying the moment for the magic that is flowing full-throttle into your soul, inspiring you and taking you upwards to a better life. Those moments when you learn about other cultures, other people's life experience... there is no better moment I've ever had in my life to teach me more about myself, and give me better perspective of my own role in the world.

And when a trip is done, it's also just nice to finally come home. :) Back from a big adventure, regaling the world with stories of your travels (as I hope you have enjoyed reading in this blog), back to the city you love, the work that inspires you, and the people you have missed a lot.

Another great trip!

Mike Jutan

Yerba Mate gourds and bombillas
Carved toucan from Iguazu Falls
Carved balsa snake from the Amazon
Cafe Tortoni espresso cups and milk jug
Lots of tasty snacks! Yerba Mate, Havanna Alfajores cookies, Tea, Pisco Sour mix, and more and more Tea :)
Spanish/Jewish blessing for my home
New shoes!
Mezuzzah/decoration from Buenos Aires
Hamsa keychain with Argentinean colours
Tastes of different Piscos, a Pisco for mixing Pisco sours, and a "sipping" Pisco
Funny Andean hat I got in Aguas Calientes
Socks for Mom!
Cool bag I got at the Pisac Market in Peru

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