Thursday, February 21, 2013

OLPC Activity: Hello World

Ahhhh yes.

After some work last night getting my Sugar OS build rolling and some kind and super fast email help from Sugar-Build creator Daniel Narvaez (thanks Daniel!), I managed to get my first "Hello World" activity building tonight. Huzzah!

Creatively entitled, "JutansAwesomeActivity"

As Hello World programs tend to be, it doesn't do much. Though it still is pretty awesome.

Of course, I'll need to translate "What uppp" into Swahili, Spanish, Hindi, and all the other languages used by kids around the world who use the XO laptop ;)

Haha so yes. This first activity is just a "proof" as you might call it, that I can build an XO activity on my virtualized machine, and I can test within the Sugar emulated OS. All is looking good.

I need to try to get my Virtual Machine to use the camera on my computer so I can record videos and then edit them. If that doesn't work, I am just gonna import some .ogg files that I record directly from my XO laptop, and then start fiddling with playback, scrubbing, and ultimately editing (splicing) of those files together... which is my major goal for this project.

It's been fun to get things moving, and now that I'm finally done sorting out all the infrastructure stuff (that always takes much longer than you plan for it), I can get to the actual code writing itself. As always, I'll be posting updates here as I progress.

Mike :)

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Jennifer Martino said...

Very cool my friend. Can't wait ( in a patient, supportive yet totally excited way)