Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Router update: Shared hard disk, success!

Wow this really is awesome.

After getting the new Linksys router I talked about last week, I connected up a new 2 TB Western Digital Elements Hard Disk to the router.

I was then able to share the hard disk without much hassle, it was pretty straightforward. Added security made it a little harder to work around (darn Windows network settings), but other than that it was smooth sailing.

So I now have a networked hard disk, where I can both read and write from my Windows AND my Mac machines. Awesome. It's plugged into the router, so if my Mac is on and Windows is off, but I want something shared... I can still just copy it over and turn on my Windows machine anytime later to get it.

All of this is amazing... but wait, it gets better. This is also a DLNA Media Server. So my Blu-Ray now recognizes the Hard Disk. This allows me to stream all of my music library from the HD to my TV entertainment center system, and I don't need to have any of the computers on in the house to do it. Sweeeeeeeeeet awesome.


Alan Wade said...

I ran into a problem when I got to configuring the SSH forwarding. We are using the SMCD3GN modem/router we got from Shaw and when I tried to add the pre-configured SSH forward VPN Router

MikeBrian said...

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