Monday, September 09, 2013

Dave Matthews Band: Shoreline: Sept 8, 2013

I've kindof lost track of how many DMB shows I've been to now... I think the grand total so far is 22 as of last night :)

It was an awesome show as usual. It's particularly amazing to witness the way that Jeff and Rawshawn (Sax and Trumpet players) mesh with the band now as compared with when they first joined-- they have always been awesome, but man the band plays together sooooo tightly now. It's pretty amazing to experience :)

Great solos, especially on Jimi Thing and Two Step. Awesome times.

Check out this set list!

1.  Louisiana Bayou
2.  Belly Belly Nice -->
3.  You Might Die Trying
4.  Proudest Monkey -->
5.  Satellite
6.  Squirm
7.  (Dont Fear) The Reaper
8.  Crush
9.  Mercy
10.  The Song That Jane Likes
11.  Warehouse  -->
12.  Typical Situation
13.  Why I Am 
14.  Snow Outside
15.  Jimi Thing
16.  Grey Street
-------- ENCORE -------- 
17.  Drunken Soldier -->
18.  Two Step

 --> indicates a segue into next song

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