Monday, September 23, 2013

HDTV Antenna for free local HDTV: lets do this

Let the great cable "cord-cutting" begin!

I, like many others, have slowly grown tired of growing fees for cable companies while the service is not at all comparable to the quality, choice, and convenience of what I get from Netflix Instant Watch for $8 a month. Pair that with Netflix's Blu Ray rentals and the occasional purchase of an episode of Breaking Bad on Amazon Instant Watch, and that leaves next-to-no reason why I am still paying for cable TV.

Now of course I'd love to still get local news and my main local stations: Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, CW. That should do it. I pay now about $30/month for basic cable, and that's all I'm getting from it anyway. Enter the amplified HDTV indoor antenna. For $40 I can plug in a flat antenna and I should, ideally, get all of these channels in crystal-clear HD for a grand total of $0 per month :) Seems like a worthy and long-overdue attempt at reducing unnecessary monthly payments on something I don't even make good use out of anyway.

I read this consumer reports review: and decided to get the RCA Antenna that they suggest on there. I'll post some thoughts if this works out!

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