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Israel 2015 Day 35: My Birthday!

Israel 2015 Day 35: My Birthday!

My 33rd Birthday!!! Another one traveling in some epic far-away land!

Since I was just traveling from London the day before, I didn't have any jet-lag and that was a huge win. Up and off we went to Yafo in search of epic hummus. We were looking again for my favourite hummus in the known universe - a place called Abu Hassan/Ali Karavan in Old Jaffa. We found it, and I remembered it exactly from last year. "Do you want to eat here"?! we joked with each other, as if it was a casual decision to make after traveling the world-around and coming back here for their world-changing hummus. We were seated instantly, and they brought us the weird onion mix, pitas, and some raw onion for some reason? And then, of course, the AMAZING HUMMUS!!!!! It was just as incredible as I remember it. So smooth. We also got a 2nd spicier/hot hummus, which was chunkier, and also insanely amazing. We absolutely crushed it.

It was already very hot outside -- 28C?! Whew! Amidst lots of water drinking... we wandered the markets. Flea markets, touristy stuff... it was OK but cool to see despite not buying anything.

From here we tried to go to the market building back in Old Jaffa, but it was closed! D'oh! This was the spot last year I found some interesting Israeli Beer. It was a bit out of the way so I guess they didn't last as a business. Too bad. We had an iced coffee and water break and headed back to the car. Big question of the day: beach, or mall?! Mall! Too hot :)

Back we went to Rannanah, to the Rananim Shopping Center. This place is pretty fun, and we wandererd, went to a Jewish store with lots of fancy candlesticks, Kosher McDonald's, and saw the shops we saw there last time: Castro, Renalt, Fox -- local Israeli brands where I was trying to find some hip Israeli shirt, and all the stuff I found had "California" themes!!!! We stopped by Celio, on of my favourite French shops, to grab some more underpants :) Spring got a mani-pedi for Ilanit's wedding while I went to Aroma for the classic "Icearoma" iced coffee drink. Haha, there's a Zara there we stopped in too... probably don't need any more Zara stuff after my time in England going to Zara a million times!

Kosher McDonalds, the normal section (meat only)
The sidebar of McDonalds is the Milk-only section that sells McFlurries!!
Tomorrowland poster

Batman vs. Superman and Paper Towns posters in Hebrew

Perhaps the only time I've ever seen a Baby Gap with a Mezuzah at its entrance :)
We went into a few more shopes, a cool Judaica shop with lots of nice homewares, and the Hamonim Silver Store (fancy). Then to the grocery store, and I picked up some Salami (kosher, naturally!) and Cottage Cheese (obv). At the homeware shop I found a cool marriage card for Norm and Glenn.

Anyone for some Hummus?
Hilarious how there are just a bazillion Challahs here

From here we went back to this really great Judaica shop on Ahuza in Ra'nnanah. I really like that shop and it has a lot of really nice stuff. We also went back to the homeware shop from last year and I really love this artist's work -- we got the salad pourer last year, and this year debated over the apple cake tray vs. the birthday cake pan vs. the cinnamon cake pan. All of it is gorgeous stuff.

I love this artwork.

Then, to the bakery! We got an apple cake, and some little baked squares. For dinner, the fun and awesome "Keepach Adumah" schwarma for dinner. So good.

We took all the baked stuff over to Yossi's and had a late night snack and chat. I was presented with a super nice birthday card and much love and kindness. It sure is great to be here on my special day and made to feel so special. What an awesome day and a great wrap-up of my b-day. Michal presented me with Taylor Swift tickets (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for when we are back in San Francisco, because she is the best (and I have absolutely no trouble admitting I'm a huge fan of her 1989 album) :) With a big smile on my face,  I welcomed in my 33's.

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